Health is mind, body and spirit working in symphony and Versandra Kennebrew is an optimal health conductor. She has taught hundreds of massage therapists and other holistic health professionals the art of touch. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition® health coach and provides 1 on 1 private sessions for Atlanta area clients in College Park, GA. Through her empowerment tools, retreats and presentations, coach Versandra supports health enthusiasts around the globe on their journey to optimal health, balance and fulfillment.

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An innovator, Kennebrew has reinvented herself and her business several times and is currently on a mission to support thousands of holistic health enthusiasts and heart centered entrepreneurs in starting or reinventing their lives and their businesses. As a certified myomassologist, holistic health coach, energy field enhancement specialist, aromatherapist, international public speaker, homeless advocate, philanthropist and marketing and social media coach, Versandra Kennebrew has a plethora of tools at her disposal to create a customized life transformation program for you.

Thank God for the Shelter Book

In 2003 after a number of major life challenges, Kennebrew lost everything and became homeless. This experience connected her more deeply to her mission, to touch the world. Her memoir, “Thank God for the Shelter,” chronicles the process of getting back up after a knock-out, and gaining enough strength and power to not only stand, but to run a marathon.

Kennebrew’s second book, “The Art of Reinventing You,” takes Ignite Your Imagination Retreat attendees on a journey into their own creative mind, to discover easy processes for becoming a Reinvented You. These retreats are customized for women entrepreneurs specializing in direct sales, book publishing, public speaking and holistic health consulting/products/services.

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In 2013, Kennebrew collaborated with four other well-known personal development gurus in Detroit, MI to compile “The Soul of a Winner,” an anthology written by five entrepreneurs who share “successism” for overcoming insurmountable challenges to achieve great success. This book is perfect for you if you are wondering if you really have what it takes to win in life and business.


Today, Kennebrew is on The Love Tour, A 30-city empowerment experience, introducing the new ultimate self-care guide for Healing Artists, “I Love Me.” She and co-author Hon. Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey share essential self-care tips and resources that raise your vibration and are excellent acts of self-love and self-care. These four books are the foundation of Kennebrew’s highly acclaimed speaking repertoire.

Ask anyone who knows Kennebrew and they will likely say, “She loves helping people reach their goals.” Her philanthropic efforts have supported hundreds of Detroit area homeless families. Her passion and love for humanity drives all that she does. Versandra Kennebrew believes that every human has unique gifts and talents, and that when nurtured, they have the power to shift darkness into light. Through her personal development company, Versandra Kennebrew Intl., lives are being transformed around the world.

Other VKI (Versandra Kennebrew Intl.) empowerment products include; “Prosperity Poetic Prose for Life Transformation,” “Social Media Made Easy” virtual class,” “Art of Touch” virtual class, and “Map Your Success” coaching program.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Versandra,
    Very powerful story of perseverance. Thanks for sharing.

    I happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for blogs about Detroit because I wanted to connect with other bloggers that blog about Detroit like myself. One of your post appeared in the Fresh Press feed and it caught my attention. I saw your photo in front of the Whole Foods banner and it clicked that I have met you before. I attended the savvy shoppers workshop and the vegan soul food event 2 weeks ago at Whole Foods – Midtown and you were in attendance for both. What a coincidence.

    Thanks so much for working with WFM to bring healthy living into the Detroit community.


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