VKI (Versandra Kennebrew Intl.) is a personal development company which provides tools and resources to support busy professionals and healing artists on their journey to optimal health and optimal performance.

Self-care is self-love in action and The Optimal Plan is your ticket to an entire year of support with Certified Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew, and her team of experts. For nearly 20-years, Coach Versandra has supported her clients with achieving and maintaining optimal health and optimal performance at work and at home. Voted fan favorite in Best Self Magazine’s “Best of 2015” Atlanta, her clients rave about her approach to weight management, stress management and life coaching. Kennebrew and Co-Author Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey produce the popular radio program Health & Healing Chronicles on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta and the upcoming Atlanta public access television program, “Me Time.”

Your Optimal Plan Membership Includes:

True Health Assessment

USANA Health Science’s state-of-the-art mobile app sends you 3 comprehensive reports that will make you more aware of potential health risks and offer recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

Breakthrough Session

Optimal health and performance is your goal, however blockages caused by imbalance in relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity can block your success. We’ll explore the root causes of your stagnation and breakthrough to the healthy, happy life you desire. (30-minute session)

The Optimal Plan Cover

Pantry Makeover

Your pantry holds the core ingredients for the meals you prepare at home. Let’s clear out items that may be causing you to hold on to unwanted fat and replace them with nutritious options that are low in sodium, rich in healthy fat and free of toxins. (Includes a Whole Foods Market gift card)

Custom Meal Plan

What foods are best for your body type and your lifestyle? Your custom meal plan will include foods you love. You’ll be introduced to delicious SAD (Standard American Diet) alternatives that will make you wonder why you hadn’t tried them before.

Savory Shopping Tour

Natural and organic grocery stores can be intimidating to some, but during our shopping tour you will be introduced to the added benefits of buying and preparing the highest quality foods for you and your family. You will also learn tips and tricks for saving big while making your shopping experience a learning experience for the entire family.

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Aromatherapy Foot Massage

Our feet transport us on average 208,000 miles each year, but how many times do you stop to show gratitude? Your peppermint foot massage will speak the language of love to your feet and aide in the proper functioning of your entire body. (30-minute session)

Foot Detox

Did you know that harmful toxins can wreak havoc on our health? It’s easy to add a foot detox to your daily self-care activities, removing heavy metals, yeast and other unwanted optimal health busters, while you relax. (Includes 3 applications)

Art of Touch Class

We live in an anti-touch society and millions are suffering from touch deprivation (suffering from poor, loveless or inadequate physical contact). Gain awareness of how this malady may be affecting you and learn how you can feed touch hunger in a healthy, creative way. (Includes e-book, and expert instruction)

Nutritional Supplements

Simply put, it’s virtually impossible to eat enough food to achieve optimal health today. And we have scoured the market to bring to you the highest quality all natural nutritional supplements to support your health and well-being. (Save 20% – 30%)

Water Club

Hydration is paramount to optimal health, but besides the fact that nearly 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, the water many drink may contain antibiotics and other contaminants that can impair health. Learn how alkaline water can support your healthy lifestyle and get 5-gallons of water each week for a year. (Delivery optional)

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Empowerment Resources

Subscription to Health & Healing Chronicles

Music Therapy (Featuring YaTafari)

“Me Time” CD

“I Love Me” Book

“The Soul of a Winner” Book

Other Discounts

Retreats (1-Free with paid guest)

Group Workshops/Seminars (Free with paid guest)

1 on 1 Coaching (Save 20%)

Virtual Coaching (Save 20%)

Therapeutic Massage (Save 20%)

Energy Field Enhancement (Save 20%)

officially changing the world



  1. I’ve been in Versandra’s six-month coaching program since July 2014 and it’s been great. I really look forward to our every two-week sessions. What I really appreciate is her holistic approach, and the insights she brings to the sessions. She really helps you see outside your box.

    When I went into the sessions the top two goals were increasing my business income and financial stress reduction, and I’m happy to say those goals have actually been reached! It was the week-to-week discussions that made me more mindful of my goals, plus her business tips.

    My other focus areas were implementing more movement into my days and drinking more water. As a busy entrepreneur, I’m still working on those areas, and Versandra’s gentle yet persistent approach helps to keep me mindful. Our last session is at the end of Dec. and I’m sure I’ll have success in these areas as well.


    • Andrea, you are one of my 1st Map Your Success program clients and I am honored to have the opportunity to support you with your business and personal goals. You are a dynamic poet, voice-over and communications expert. I see a great future ahead of you and hope we will work together long after your coaching program ends. :-)


  2. I’ve been suffering from severe lower-back pain for over 6 years and one session with Versandra made me feel like I had a new spine. My flexibility was the best it had been in ages and my pain was completely gone. I left feeling amazing and this is from someone who has had “professional” message therapists work on my back many times with barely any real results.

    Versandra has an amazing ability to heal as well as bring people together. Myself and all of the In The Black Suites family love Versandra so much! Thank you!


    • Wow Dominique! I know you were apprehensive at first, being asked to lie down on the floor in the office and all:-) But the guys needed you at peak performance and sharing my healing gift with you was the least I could do to support the “In the Black Suites” mission of the day. When you came back and gave me a hug, I knew that what was causing your pain had been released, and that with regular stretching and hydration, your pain would not return. You are strong and powerful my brother.


  3. I met Versandra in 2010. We were working on a project for the homeless. I learned that she was a trained massage therapist and told her that I was considering a career in massage. She told me about her school and offered to answer any questions I might have. I now attend the very same school from which she graduated and Versandra acts as my massage therapy advisor. I am so thankful that she introduced me to my school and I am thankful to her for all of her help and advice. I have a newly found sense of freedom and empowerment.


    • Shanna it is a pleasure to work with you. Your energy is amazing and your have great passion for all that you do. I know that acting is your primary passion and I believe you will tap into the theater opportunity of a lifetime as a massage therapist. Peace and love.


  4. Versandra’s Social media advice and updates to my website has truly helped me. Since the changes that Versandra has made to my website, I have been able to increase my following, attract new customers, and provide clarity with my offered services. Versandra’s Services were quick, and she over-delivered on what was promised. I would highly recommend Versandra’s services to anyone who needs help with their website and social media. Thank you Versandra!


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