Versandra Kennebrew: Touch Testimonials


Kimberly Phillips, Houston

As a therapist myself,I know I really need a lot of work. But I really enjoyed this massage. Versandra was very thorough. The pressure was very good. I appreciated the care & attention she gave to reading my knotted muscles and blocked energy patterns.  Overall it was a very good massage, and I feel really good about referring my clients over to her, being that I am relocating out of state.

Derenda Howard, Waterford

Versandra’s presentation on Touch is Great to our Summer Day Camp staff was an excellent addition to our training program.  It allowed the counselors to talk about their concerns with touch and find their confort level as well as setting some guidelines and teaching about appropriate touch.  Thank you for your insight, Versandra, and your committment to reestablishing touch.

Hetheru, Detroit

I was able to attend the Touch is Great 2008 expo in Detroit, Mi.  This event allowed me to better understand how important touch is.  Just being still and concentrating on allowing the body to be soothed after a long day is so releasing.  The body dance is a way for people to bond and connect on a different level.  It can be a very refreshing exercise to break the ice for people wanting to connect.  Funny thing is that every time I am massaged I find a new tickle spot.  Humans need touch!! 2008

Julie Eyeloom, Montreal

I’m a massage therapist from Montreal, owner of a spa and working on a new project, the Spa Indigo that will tour America to educate the community regarding massage and health in general. I’ve been to Detroit to receive my training as a “Touch is Great” ambassador. I’ve learned so much in a short period of time! I’m proud to be the first international ambassador of “Touch is Great” and I will do eveything I can to make this campaign known all around the world with her. JOIN THE TEAM! 2008

D’Andre Ford, Detroit

Happy New Year Versandra! I just wanted to thank you for the Art of Touch workshop last Saturday. So many people are deprived of love. Both verbal & physical. I applied the techniques with my wife and she was sooooo thrilled & relaxed! She told me the next day how it was so different. How it was mentally and physically pleasing. Keep up the good work Versandra. I look forward to becoming an Art of Touch Ambassador touching one person at a time!!! 2008

Mr. Dave, Detroit

Words can not explain what happened, just believe that being touched can be a healing. Experience the love and love the experience. This is what we do, a simple gesture as a touch can help improve your life. I enjoyed getting the knowledge of knowing how to touch someone. This is a lifestyle and a mind-set, which can be applied one touch at a time all over the country.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my passion to touch and heal the world one touch at time. 2007

Kim, Detroit

I recently attended the touch is great ambassador bootcamp.  I loved the training and was inspired to join the movement. Thanks! 2007

Barbara Tolliver, Atlanta

Words can’t exprees my many thanks to you Versandra you are a inspiration, keep up the good work. 2007

Brenda Cash, Culpeper

I had my first massage  and i loved it  I almost cried  I felt so nurtured  and no one was expecting sex from me afterwards…..I want to give what I recieved. 2007

I would like to comment on the most wonderful day I spent in Ann Arbor September 15 for the World’s Largest Hug. This was really an experience to remember. I loved learning how to give a new born a message. This I passed on immediately to my daughter who just had another beautiful baby boy. I also enjoyed all the hugs from every one in the place. Versandra is really on point with this ideal and I hope an event such as this will happen more often.Thank you again for such an experience. 2007

Danielle Porter,

I am so happy to find this site. I have long said that we don’t touch enough. I had a very stressful job and a co-worker and I decided that we should give each other hugs whenever necessary, with a goal of at least 4 a day in our 12-hour shift. It improved our morale greatly and other co-workers(willingly) got in on it as well. 2007

Taraina, Southfield, MI

I was pregnant with my daughter, and was having a difficult time. Versandra Kennebrew began giving me massages approximately 2 times per month. However, she also instructed me on how to relieve muscle tension, mental stress, etc. while I was in between appointments. This information proved to be invaluable, and something that she didn’t have to do. However, her caring nature did not just consider the money that she could make, but my overall well-being. 2007

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