Listen to Your Body Talk

Learn how to improve your health and well-being by listening to your body talk. Click on “Listen to Your Body Talk” on VKI Radio which can be accessed from the panel to your right to learn more about the benefits of loving, nurturing touch and why every Body deserves and is in fact asking for massage.

3 Quick Tips

  1. Take inventory of your body daily. Notice pain, discomfort or heat and place your hand on the area with loving intention.
  2. Press on your feet and make a mental note of tenderness. Then compare the areas with a reflexology chart to see which organs in your body may need a little TLC.
  3. When you find areas of your body that are sore or painful when you bend or move, slowly move into that position and hold where you find the discomfort and breath to relax the associated muscles.

A professional massage therapist is trained to assist you with soft tissue manipulation and stress reduction however if you have experienced an accident or injury, VISIT YOUR PRIMARY PHYSICIAN for clearance before calling your massage therapist . Thank you for sharing this informative talk with your friends and family and remember loving touch heals.

Listen to your body talk

Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

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