5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People!

These are great tips for incredible busy people. I’d like to add my 3B’s for Balance to the mix to make it complete. Too many busy people end up with chronic diseases including heart disease because they fail to Be Still, Breathe and Begin Again 3 times a day. As you practice this self-care regimen daily, you become more aware of your body, your senses and your life force, allowing for improved clarity and productivity. Peace and love.

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Time Management Liberates Us!

We can read about 30 tips on Time Management or 15 tips to become more productive; but it’s not about how many tips we know – it’s about how many we cando. I originally found this infographic here, and loved it!
I am happy to share FIVE super practical tips on time management. These tips are dear to my heart because it is these exact steps I have taken to design a life where I am able to enjoy my passions and create a sustainable income. The most transformative habit for me has been getting up at 5AM. However, I still struggle to do it consistently when I am on the road.
Let me know which one is your favorite and which one you will start doing first!
“If we do not run our day, our day will run us.” -Jim Rohn


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