Why I love Empowering Healers

Versandra Kennebrew MT

It ‘s been almost 20 years since I answered the call to be a healer (a person skilled in a type of therapy). I was working retail, managing a men’s clothing store and wanting more out of life. When I wasn’t taking care of my brothers and working overtime, I was a missionary and visited hospitals and prayed for church members who were sick and shut-in. People came to me for prayer and many came to know God in a special way during our time together.

My boyfriend Richard owned a kiosk in a mall in Prince Georges County, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. and I would work for him on occasions. When I wasn’t servicing customers with their incense, oil and fragrance accessories, I was reading books about aromatherapy, herbs and energy healing. In 1993 I decided to open a little boutique, Aromatics & More and focused not on synthetic versions of oils that smelled good, but the essences of plants, herbs and trees. I wanted to transition out of retail management and become an entrepreneur. Not only did I want to sell a product that I truly believed in, I enjoyed introducing people to the art of healing from the earth. I was intrigued by the special people who used these essences in their healing practices.

I dreamed of what life was like before the “fall of man.” I imagined everyone dancing, happy, healthy and at peace. The message I received from spirit was “it is so.”  It’s 20 years later and some things never change. I still see everyone dancing, happy, healthy and at peace in my dreams and most of the time when I am awake. “The fall of man” however has been identified as simply another illusion designed to separate and limit us from being our divine selves. The truth is; It is so!  Whatever we believe, is. Through nearly fifty years of life experiences I choose to believe, I am love. [Stick a pin here.]

Needless to say, Aromatics & More was just the beginning of my journey as a healer. I took my passion for the healing arts and began adding modality after modality to my repertoire. I wanted to be a blessing to people in hospice, people experiencing great losses, people experiencing acute pain and people who were confused. Today, I facilitate healing up close and personal and from a distance. I love the choice I made years ago to focus my attention and intention on the healing of humanity.

This brings me to why I love empowering healers. Healing, or the return to health or soundness is needed all over the world. People want to  release the beliefs that have manifested sickness and disease in their mind. They are looking for a facilitator to lead them back to their heart. They want to return to love. The challenge is that so do healers. Don’t laugh, I know it’s a running joke that the service provider needs the service they offer but my life experiences have led me to be solutions oriented. Instead of seeing a problem and laughing or joking about it, I tend to immediately seek out a way to make it better.

“Be healed that you may heal.” A Course in Miracles

I was not the person I am today when I started my journey as a healer, in fact, I was far from it. I had to unlearn a lot of crap! I had to release a lot of baggage. I had to be healed so I could bring healing to others. I realize that the process of self-healing is holding many healers back from stepping into their divine assignment with power. Personal development is a life long journey but we all need it. What’s great is that being healed and healing can be done simultaneously. It’s all about having a healthy commitment to life balance.

When I see what healers manifest after we spend time together mapping their success, it’s like watching miracles unfold before my eyes. No it doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger, but evidence of the transformation can be seen immediately. This brings me great joy. You see, I do what I do for the betterment of humanity. Everyone wins when healers are healthy, have clarity, are connected to the source and to one another. Together we can heal our world.

Enjoy this sample from my Prosperity Poetic Prose for Life Transformation CD as you meditate on this blog.

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Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

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