Manifesting the Desires of Your Heart Through Journaling

“Write the vision and make it plain” is a biblical quote that many are familiar with regarding manifestation (bringing to life a thought, abstract idea or theory). Similar to self-fulfilling prophecy, what we write, speak and visualize comes to be and with this said, today I invite you to listen  to an interview on The Brand New Mommy Blog Talk Radio Show where I share great tips for journaling to manifest the desires of our hearts.

1. Traditional Journaling – Free Journal Download

“Write Speak Visualize Your New Reality”

Writing prompts

2. Pinterest – Images

2014 Vision Board

Loving Life and Living It

My Health is My Wealth

The Love Tour 2015 Board

3. Spotify – Music

Year of Jubilee Soundtrack

Slow and Sexy Soundtrack

Feel Good Music Soundtrack

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