You Feel Me?

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Communication is so very important for those seeking love or wanting to keep their current relationships HOT and sizzling.

Repeat after me “Loving Touch Speaks Volumes of Unspoken Words”

I’m an Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health Coach. I’ve published three self-help books and I speak internationally about health, healing and love.

Health is mind, body and spirit working in symphony and our bodies require both primary and secondary foods for peak performance. That means that the foods we put in our mouths or (secondary foods) do not take precedence over our relationships, career, movement and spirituality (primary foods ®). In fact, we need the nurturing and nutritional benefits of each.

Nearly 20 years ago, I began my 2nd career in the holistic health and wellness industry. I felt a strong spiritual connection with the fruit of the earth and began researching ways to incorporate plant essences in daily living to aide in relaxation and healing.

In 1999 I decided to master a healing art as a skill to add to my knowledge of essential oils and herbs and maybe open a spa or wellness center. I received my certification as a Myomassologist (a fancy name for massage therapist) from Irene’s Myomassology Institute and after working with thousands of clients suffering from chronic diseases, depression and oppression, I went back to school at 45 years of age and studied mental health and to become a self improvement teacher at Wayne County Community College District.

As a Soulmate Series workshop facilitator, my goal is to share with you how the healing power of touch and integrative nutrition can assist you in manifesting your soulmate.

First you need to know….

You are an energetic being and so is your soulmate. Each of you vibrate at a certain frequency. If that statement sounds a little esoteric, then you probably should consider attending our Soulmate Series Fall Retreat, September 13 to delve a little deeper into the art of exchanging energy and loving intent with your partner.


The fact of the matter is, whether you’ve been married 10-years or you are in a new relationship, it’s important to be able to communicate non-verbally in order to keep your relationship exciting, fulfilling and drama free.

The three principals for good non-verbal communication I’d like to talk about today are: 

  • environmental conditions, where communication takes place
  1. Have you ever had to ask your child to use their inside voice when they were playing inside as if they were outside with a group of their friends? Think about that for a moment as it relates to communicating with your partner. Different places, spaces or environmental conditions may require you to look into your partner’s eyes and gesture rater than shout across the table, “I’m ready to go home.”
  • physical characteristics of the communicators
  1. Has your partner ever told you that they thought you were angry with them when you feel you were not? Think about it. Could they have come to this conclusion because of your facial expression (frown, eyes squinting in contemplating, eyes rolling in disdain…)
  • behaviors of communicators during interaction
  1. Maybe you have found yourself feeling some kinda way after an interaction with your partner, but instead of discussing your personal feelings about the matter using “I” statements, instead of you chose “you” statements.

What are you non-verbalizing to your partner?

What message is your partner receiving from your non-verbal communication?

You may be surprised at your partner’s answer to this question.

Could the real question be, “You Feel Me?   

Nonverbal communication involves the processes of encoding and decoding. Encoding is the act of generating the information such as facial expressions, gestures, and postures. Decoding is the interpretation of information from received sensations from previous experiences. Wikipedia

In loving relationships, a small percentage of our brains process verbal communication. As verbal communicators, we look at facial expressions, vocal tones, and other nonverbal elements like hugs and random touches to communicate, therefore actions do speak louder than words.

The Soul Mate Series Registration FormAt the Soulmate Series Retreat which will take place at the beautiful and serene Ayers Estate in Douglasville, GA I will be teaching The Art of Touch, a couple’s guide to creative expression poolside. There you will learn in pristine environmental conditions how to be a giver and receiver, a follower and a leader. You will become a touch artist and leave with the basic tools to create touch masterpieces with your hands.

So when emotions flare and the words get in the way, it’s essential in loving relationships to be able to speak the nonverbal language of love, you feel me?  

Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

6 thoughts on “You Feel Me?

  1. Communication is an essential part of our daily lives and with so many people taking out the intimacy of communication we do miss out. What an incredible piece of information.. I have shared both on google+ and facebook


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