5 Tips for Managing Health Information Overload

I presented this seminar at the College Park Branch Public Library last week and thought you’d benefit from the tips I shared. My November seminar at the library will answer questions about self-publishing and I will read from my most recent anthology “The Soul Of A Winner.”

Turn on your TV, read a magazine, ride the bus, listen to the radio; everywhere you turn there is health information staring you in the face, but what are you supposed to do with it all?

Why is there is so much information about health everywhere?

5 Tips for Managing Information Overload

  1. “3 B’s to Balance” Be still, Breathe, Begin again

  2. “Know Thyself” Ancient Aphorism (simple scientific principle)

  3. Know the author of the information and their intention behind sharing it.

  4. Take in the nurturing good stuff and discard the trash

  5. Consult with your own personal expert.

5 Tips for Managing Health Information Overload <Click to Watch Video

I’d love to be your health coach and assist you with developing a customized healthy lifestyle program that works for you. Let’s schedule a free consultation today.

Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

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