Monday Money Management Tip

Cash in Hand

Last week while in Montreal, Quebec, at a conference where I was teaching success mapping strategies; I suggested that participants have a visual idea of what they would do when they reached their financial goals. Why? Because we believe the things we can see far more easily than the things we cannot see with our natural eyes.

In the process of manifestation, I have found it much more beneficial to visualize the success that I desire and how I will celebrate that success. This image is a visual of what I will do when I reach my next financial goal. Before I deposit my money into an account that will allow me to borrow off of it, paying myself back with interest; I just want to hold it in my hands. I want to see what $100,000 feels like in my hands. How about you? How will you celebrate reaching you next financial goal?

Your financial health is important. Spend time flexing your cash muscles and relieve stress

Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

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