Herbs – Dong Quai – Dr. Weil’s Herbal Remedies

In my Over 50 and Loving It classes, several attendees have asked me how I personally manage menopausal symptoms. My answer to them and recommendation to you is PhytoEstrin®. This is one of my favorite nutritional supplements from USANA because when I suffered with sheet soaking night sweats, irritability and didn’t sleep well at night, this herb rich tablet, taken 3 times daily for about 30-days, made it all go away.

One of the active ingredients is DongQuai. I looked to D. Weil for the science behind DongQuai and this is what I found.

Used for


Dong quai is sometimes called “female ginseng” and has been used for more than 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic for those with low vitality, fatigue, pelvic pain and irregular menstrual cycles. Merck introduced the herb to the Western world in 1899 under the trade name Eumenol, a product designed to ease menstrual pain.

Modern science has confirmed that dong quai does have a beneficial effect on inflammation, as well as pain-relieving and muscle-relaxant effects. Whether dong quai has hormonal-mimicking effects is unclear. Studies in women have failed to show any change in hormone levels, while cells studies suggest a possible estrogenic effect.

After reviewing the scientific evidence, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database concluded that an herbal cream including dong quai is “possibly effective” for preventing premature ejaculation. The review also concluded that dong quai is “possibly ineffective” for menopausal symptoms and that there is insufficient evidence to determine that it is effective for menstrual problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), high blood pressure, joint aches and pains, ulcers, anemia, constipation, skin discoloration and psoriasis, the prevention and treatment of allergic problems, or other conditions.

Herbs – Dong Quai – Dr. Weil’s Herbal Remedies.

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