College Park, GA Home to New Healthy Lifestyle Company VKI Personal Development

3F6A1066Author and holistic health expert Versandra Kennebrew launches VKI Personal Development LLC, seeking fertile ground for her community anchored, healthy lifestyle company, focused on helping its residents achieve success in life and business.

December 13, 2015 – College Park, GA.Fifteen years ago, Versandra Kennebrew, President and CEO of VKI Personal Development left her twenty-three year successful career in retail management to pursue her life’s purpose in the healing arts. The stress of recruiting, training and developing hundreds of management team members while working sixty hours a week was making her sick. She wanted a career that would allow her to do what she loved, while making a huge impact on the lives of those she served. She wanted work-life balance and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Kennebrew’s holistic health career has been fulfilling to say the least. She has provided therapeutic massages for thousands of clients, trained and mentored hundreds of massage therapy students, and published four self-help books. Ms. Kennebrew is a former Marketing and Community Relations Specialist for Whole Foods Market, the largest natural and organic grocer in the United States, and is committed to building bridges that allow everyday people to have access to education, resources, training and services that promote optimal performance at work and at play.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” And when Kennebrew looks back on what she has overcome in life, she becomes even more laser focused on her mission to empower. She is the resident holistic health coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3FM Atlanta and a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Ambassador for the state of Georgia, providing healthy food education for students.

VKI Personal Development’s corporate office and training facility is located at Club e Atlanta, 3707 Main St. College Park, GA 30337; just minutes from Hartsfield International Airport. “There is a healthy lifestyle community that’s growing in the heart of the quaint city of College Park. VKI Personal Development is positioning itself to be an essential part of The Pad on Harvard community (currently under construction) in 2016,” Kennebrew says.

Learn more about VKI Personal Development optimal living classes, workshops and retreats at

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