What Is Touch Hunger and How to Know if You Are Suffering From It?

A woman in her early 60’s attends a workshop at Whole Foods Market sponsored by her neighborhood senior organization. In tears, she listens to the presenter speak about the affects of touch deprivation in our society. As the presenter rattles off statistics about how many seniors are isolated without family or friends visiting them for days-on-in, Mrs. Tucker, a widow, sees herself in the story, and feels the loneliness and anger she’s felt many times while sitting alone in her Midtown apartment.

Mrs. Tucker is grateful for her neighbor who kept knocking on her door and insisting that she get out and join other seniors in this grocery shopping and healthy lifestyle learning experience. This presentation helped her to understand that she was not alone, and that what she had been experiencing, could be the affects of touch hunger (aka touch deprivation: suffering from poor loveless or inadequate physical contact). This new knowledge caused her to feel a sense of relief. But what was even better, is that she learned some simple tips for relieving the affects of this malady which is plaguing millions of Americans today.


If you are finding yourself at home alone often, feeling sad and wondering why you are not engaged in healthy intimate relationships, you may be suffering from touch hunger. If you feel like you would do anything to be touched by another human being, you may be experiencing touch hunger. If you are feeling angry for no apparent reason and you’ve been alone for days, you may be experiencing touch hunger. In fact, touch hunger can cause depressions, anger and violent behavior among adults and death among infants, according to he experts.

The Power of Primary Food: Nourishment Beyond The PlateAs humans, it is innate for us to touch and connect with one another, and not just for the purpose of procreation. The anti-touch society in which we live doesn’t make it easy though. We must be aware and vigilant about preventing touch hunger because in doing so, we feed our bodies nourishing primary food®.

February, the month synonymous with love, is just around the corner. It’s also the month when VKI Personal Development goes all out to educate and demonstrate how couples and singles alike can manage and prevent the affects of touch hunger for optimal living. We invite you to join us Monday 2/1/16 from 6 pm – 7 pm at Club e Atlanta for an open discussion about touch hunger, and learn tips for how to relieve its negative effects.

If you would like a private 2-hr class at your home or our office (for you and one guest), check out our Groupon deal.

Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

One thought on “What Is Touch Hunger and How to Know if You Are Suffering From It?

  1. This is a wonderful article on the topic of touch hunger and so important. I do agree that it is vital for everyone to have healthy touch. In addition to couples, the elderly and those in isolation, touch is so important in the development of babies, children and even animals. Some hospital facilities will encourage people to visit their terminally ill babies for the same reason, to reach out and touch.
    Dawn Gibson

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