3 for What? Books You Will Love

crowdFunding close-out

The Crowd Funding Campaign for our new Healing Arts Studio in College Park, GA is coming to a close and we are making 1 final offer to encourage you to make a contribution to healing and personal development.

You follow this blog because our radio program, classes, workshops or presentations have touched and inspired you. We ask you to show your support by contributing as you feel moved. $10 will get you a single book of your choice, $20 will get you 2 books, and $30 will get you all 3 of our featured self-help publications written by our founder and president Versandra Kennebrew, CHHC.

We give thanks for you and your continued support as we answer the calling to heal, educate and inspire people of all walks of life to live optimally at work and at play. Health & prosperity are our natural state of being. VKI Personal Development is committed to the restoration of humanity through the power of divine Love.

Campaign ends 7/28/16. www.gofundme.com/healingartsstudio

Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a Homeless Healer

This is the story of Versandra Kennebrew, a massage therapist, who dreams of becoming a successful business owner. But her dream turns into a nightmare when she becomes homeless. What she doesn’t know is her homelessness actually is a blessing that propels her into a life of wealth beyond her imagination.

Travel with Versandra on a journey of self-discovery. Learn how taking a holistic approach to maneuvering through life transitions may assist you or someone you love find true success.

The Soul of a Winner: 5 True Stories of Success

Is winning in life possible for the average person? Read 5 true stories of success and overcoming obstacles by five authors who have beat the odds. Then ask yourself if there are any obstacles that you can not overcome.

I Love Me: The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Healing Artists

“What the world needs now, is love sweet love.” Hal Davis, American Composer

Humanity is crying out for love! We’re tossing and turning through the dead of night. Most of us are trapped in survival mode, in jobs we hate, with mates we want to dump and in bodies we want to hide. Healing artists are no different. It’s time we learn to love ourselves so we can manifest healing in our families and restore our communities. The health of our healing artists is paramount, because clients and patients depend on us to make them better.

In this ultimate guide to self-care for healing artists, your dynamic duo Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey and Versandra Kennebrew will share what nearly 50-years of combined holistic health expertise has revealed to them concerning self-care. They will help you understand that it doesn’t pay to neglect your health and well-being. You will be more aware than ever before why being involved in daily self-care activities can protect you from compassion fatigue, burnout and other ills you work so skillfully to relieve your clients and patients of.


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