Why I Became A Distinguished Toastmaster

CCCToastmasters 1-year-anniversary8
Versandra Kennebrew, Area Director and Sheldon Tyndall, Division Director conduct Charter Ceremony for Carrol County Communicators Toastmasters Club

They say to be successful you’ve got to have grit. You’ve got to be tenacious in your efforts to achieve your goals. If you know me at all, you know I’m likely the “queen of grit.” I’ve pushed through poverty, homelessness, and the emotional trauma associated with it to become an international speaker, author, and coach. But there are some things you don’t know, some things you need to unlearn, and some behaviors and beliefs you need to release if you want to rise to the next level in your career and your relationships with others.

I became a Distinguished Toastmaster because I wanted to challenge myself to commit to my own personal development and leadership growth approximately 10 hours a week for 3-years. Practice makes perfect, right? The benefits I received are invaluable. These are some of my accomplishments:

  1. Earned the Competent Communicator award.
  2. Earned the Competent Leader award
  3. Served 3-years as a club officer
  4. Served 2 one-year terms as a district officer
  5. Served as a club mentor
  6. Participated in the preparation of 3 Club Success Plans
  7. Earned the Advanced Communicator Gold award
  8. Earned the Advanced Leader Silver award
  9. Earned 2 Triple Crown award
  10. Facilitated a Youth Leadership Program
  11. Completed a High-Performance Leadership Project

Vkennebrew DTM at DEC

Together we can make a difference in our world. We can BE the change we wish to see. Personal development is the process and Toastmasters International is an excellent vehicle. Register now to join me and hundreds of Atlanta area leaders as we soar to excellence.

My next self-challenge is becoming a Toastmasters Accredited Speaker. If you are looking for an experienced Leadership or Inspiration Speaker in 2020, contact me.


Published by Versandra Kennebrew

When churches, universities, organizations, and conferences are seeking a speaker with an inspirational success story and track record as a servant leader, they call me. I love helping people step into their divine greatness and live the lives of their dreams.

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