Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series

Coach Versandra invites you to join her for the next 6-weeks in discussions about the state of touch hunger in America. Tune in TWednesday’s from Midnight – 3 AM on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. Listen local at 89.3FM. Listen on your phone on Tunein. Listen from your computer at

Touch hunger/deprivation is suffering from poor loveless or inadequate physical contact and it out-pictures in adults as depressions, anger, isolation, low self-esteem & violent behavior. Infants can literally die from a lack of loving nurturing touch in its first few months of development. Continue reading Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series

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“Me Time” 4-Week Series with Coach Versandra

One of the greatest challenges in practicing optimal self-care is making time – time for YOU. You are a gift and you deserve to be cared for. Your mind, body and spirit long to be in union with The Source.

During your 4-week series, you are invited to engage in weekly “Me Time,” 1-hr sessions with Coach Versandra, your self-care expert. You will be asked to check-in with a report from the prior week’s self-care activities, experience a guided meditation and practice self-love affirmations. Continue reading “Me Time” 4-Week Series with Coach Versandra

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MegaBus Take Me to Chicago

The Love Tour 2015 brings to BWE a self-care panel with nearly 50-years of combined expertise in personal development. These powerful African American Women entrepreneurs will reveal why self-love is essential to well-being, and why primary foods® like relationships, physical activity and spirituality feed us, filling our cups so love overflows, allowing us to support others from our surplus instead of our reserve. Continue reading MegaBus Take Me to Chicago

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Laying on of Hands, The Original Healing Method

Although “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” is not a class that teaches therapeutic massage, it is an introduction to the benefits of loving, nurturing touch for physical and emotional healing. The primary focus of what is now The Art of Touch Virtual Class, available 24/7 using any computer or mobile device, is to educate people about the affect touch deprivation is having on our society and offer an easy remedy that could be used to enhance bonding and intimacy among parents and children, couples and adults with elderly parents. Continue reading Laying on of Hands, The Original Healing Method

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20th Annual Black Women’s Expo: With Robin Roberts, Versandra Kennebrew

  Robin Roberts has the soul of a winner. Watching her defeat cancer for all to see has been an inspiration to me. And to have the opportunity to speak at the 20th Annual Black Women’s Expo, where Robin will offer the Keynote address on Saturday, is an honor to say the least. In a very candid interview on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts discussed the things that most supported her through her life threatening ordeal, and they coincide with the concept of Primary Nutrition®. Circle of Life essentials, feed our bodies, minds and spirits and they include; career, physical … Continue reading 20th Annual Black Women’s Expo: With Robin Roberts, Versandra Kennebrew

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This month in Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper

I’ve been a contributing writer to Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper, a microenterprise initiative for the homeless and underemployed in Detroit since its inception 2-years ago. I have written a variety of stories, however this issue was the debut of my new Map Your Success with Versandra Kennebrew column. With the holidays upon us, I thought I would share some tips for Navigating the Holidays with Purpose. Continue reading This month in Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper

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