Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series


Coach Versandra  invites you to join her for the next 6-weeks in discussions about the state of touch hunger in America. Tune in TWednesday’s from Midnight – 3 AM on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. Listen local at 89.3FM. Listen on your phone on Tunein. Listen from your computer at

Touch hunger/deprivation is suffering from poor loveless or inadequate physical contact and it out-pictures in adults as depressions, anger, isolation, low self-esteem & violent behavior. Infants can literally die from a lack of loving nurturing touch in its first few months of development.

11/23/16 Pt 1: Touch- The 1 Sense Essential for Life

11/30/16 Pt 2: Is Your Life Dehumanized by Technology?

12/7/16 Pt 3: Is There A Disconnection In Our Community Because of Touch Hunger?

12/14/16 Pt 4: Is the lack of healthy touch affecting our health and ability to recover from dis-ease?

12/21/16 Pt 5:Should inappropriate touching be met with a demand for appropriate touch rather than fear?

12/28/16 Pt 6: What are 3 ways touch hunger tears relationships apart?

Would you like to join us in Bali, Indonesia for the filming of “Touch Me: A film about the healing power of touch?” Maybe you want to become a Certified Touch Artist and teach couples to enhance or restore intimacy in their loving relationships? Inquire using the form below. We also welcome your comments about touch hunger in America.

“Me Time” 4-Week Series with Coach Versandra

Time for Me 0

One of the greatest challenges in practicing optimal self-care is making time – time for YOU. You are a gift and you deserve to be cared for. Your mind, body and spirit long to be in union with The Source.

During your 4-week series, you are invited to engage in weekly “Me Time,” 1-hr sessions with Coach Versandra, your self-care expert. You will be asked to check-in with a report from the prior week’s self-care activities, experience a guided meditation and practice self-love affirmations.

When your sessions are complete, you will have greater clarity, improved focus and replays from our sessions together to enjoy over and over as you reflect, take inventory and embrace more self-love.

Week 1 – Introduction to Self-Care for Optimal Health

Week 2 – Overcoming the Challenges of Engaging in Daily Self-Care Practices

Week 3 – A Self-Care Guided Meditation

Week 4 – Self-Care & Self-Love Affirmations

Program Cost $99

MegaBus Take Me to Chicago


Self-Care Education at the Black Women’s Expo

Thousands of African American Women have gathered at The Black Women’s Expo (BWE) for 21-years to learn, teach and grow personally and professionally. This year, The Love Tour 2015 has cherry picked experts in wellness and personal development to empower attendees to engage in daily self-care regimens for optimal health and performance.


March 23, 2015 – Chicago, ILAfrican American Women are nurtures, caring for children, spouses and our communities. But what happens when our cup is empty? Join us Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 4 pm for the panel discussion, “Self-Care and Self-Love for African American Women.”

The Love Tour 2015 brings to BWE a self-care panel with nearly 50-years of combined expertise in personal development. These powerful African American Women entrepreneurs will reveal why self-love is essential to well-being, and why primary foods® like relationships, physical activity and spirituality feed us, filling our cups so love overflows, allowing us to support others from our surplus instead of our reserve.

Your panel host Versandra Kennebrew is a Holistic Health Expert and co-author of “I Love Me: The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Healing Artists.” She is the resident holistic health expert of radio programs in Atlanta and New York. As the founder of The Love Tour 2015, she and her Love Tour Ambassadors plan to engage healing artists and health enthusiasts in 30-cities across the U.S. and Canada in a challenge to make self-care activities priority to prevent burn-out and compassion fatigue.

Panelist Kimle Nailer is the founder of Positive SISTERS in Detroit, MI. She is an author and coach to executive women. Her passion is supporting women with building self-esteem and embracing their inner-qualities and the essence of their beauty. She has shared the platform with world-renown thought leaders and travels extensively providing workshops and retreats.

Panelist Marguerite Wright has served the Chicago area as a Certified Herbalist for more than 15-years. She offers an on-line certified herbalist program. In her private spa in Homewood IL, she provides health consultations, therapeutic massage, herbal wraps and aromatherapy.

Panelist Jacqueline Carson is the owner of Temple Fitness and for nearly 15-years she has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Advisor to Chicago area hospitals, health and faith based organizations. Her most recent project, Health Ministry in a Box is a 12-month Done-For-You kit that she hopes will make the vision of a healthy church reality.

This power-packed panel discussion is free to BWE ticket holders, visit for the complete schedule of events.

Laying on of Hands, The Original Healing Method

It’s hard to believe that 10-years ago I set out on a mission to touch the world. I had been a massage therapist for 4-years and had provided treatments for close to a thousand clients, but I wanted to do more to facilitate healing for my community. You see, I grew up in Detroit, an automobile manufacturing city that was going through a major transition. While massage therapy and other holistic therapies were making their way into the corporate offices of the “big three” offering workplace health solutions, three casinos were being built and the wealth of a predominantly blue collar workforce was about to be sucked up into the funnel of gambling and addiction.

If you stood on any corner and observe people walking or getting in and out of their vehicles, your would notice the intense physical and emotional stress people were experiencing. This saddened me, because I knew how they could get relief, but the reality was that only 3% of adults had received a therapeutic massage at that time, and there was still a lot of education needed around the benefits of holistic therapies and lifestyle. My clients inspired me to create a solution to this challenge and “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” was born.

Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece E-bookAlthough “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” is not a class that teaches therapeutic massage, it is an introduction to the benefits of loving, nurturing touch for physical and emotional healing. The primary focus of what is now The Art of Touch Virtual Class, available 24/7 using any computer or mobile device, is to educate people about the affect touch deprivation is having on our society and offer an easy remedy that could be used to enhance bonding and intimacy among parents and children, couples and adults with elderly parents. The response over the past 10-years has been overwhelming and although the massage school I graduated from disassociated themselves from me for offering such a class, they later developed a similar program and now offers it as an elective class. Go figure 🙂

The fact is, loving touch feeds and heals on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and I am proud to have created such an amazing tool to offer to people all around the world to assist them with getting back to the original healing method, the laying on of hands.

Sign-up for “Health & Healing Chronicles” and download your free “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” E-book.

20th Annual Black Women’s Expo: With Robin Roberts, Versandra Kennebrew


20th Annual Black Women’s Expo

Robin Roberts has the soul of a winner. Watching her defeat cancer for all to see has been an inspiration to me. And to have the opportunity to speak at the 20th Annual Black Women’s Expo, where Robin will offer the Keynote address on Saturday, is an honor to say the least. In a very candid interview on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts discussed the things that most supported her through her life threatening ordeal, and they coincide with the concept of Primary Nutrition®. Circle of Life essentials, feed our bodies, minds and spirits and they include; career, physical activity, relationships and spirituality. IIN Circle of Life The panel discussion that the Black Women’s Expo selected me to contribute to on Friday is entitled, “Managing Your Depression.” And not only my professional background as a holistic health coach, but my personal experience as a homeless, depressed, suicidal entrepreneur will reveal that both primary and secondary foods can be the catalyst to not only managing depression but preventing it all together. The fact is nutrition is the key to living a happy, healthy life. I cordially invite you to make time for yourself this weekend if you are anywhere near Chicago, IL. Consider it a self-care day and round up a couple sisters you know and care about. Catch the Mega bus like I did from Detroit, MI for only $18 (less than you would spend on gas) and experience the amazing life enhancement presentations and of course Robin Roberts’ keynote on Saturday. I guarantee, you will be inspired, encouraged, educated and empowered on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing. Friday Breakout Sessions Complete 2014 Black Women’s Expo Schedule

Generate the Light and Energy Needed to Succeed

I love this post. “Generating the Light and Energy Needed to Succeed” was the underpinning of my second self-help book “The Art of Reinventing You: Ignite Your Imagination.” This post suggests pushing, fighting and finally creating your way to success while my book is all about imagining and creating your way to success. Which writer is more right-brained? Read and enjoy.

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As you may know, I’ve been a contributing writer to Thrive Detroit Street Newspaper, a microenterprise initiative for the homeless and underemployed in Detroit since its inception 2-years ago. I have written a variety of stories, however this issue was the debut of my new Map Your Success with Versandra Kennebrew column. With the holidays upon us, I thought I would share some tips for Navigating the Holidays with Purpose.

Here is an excerpt from the November/December issue of Thrive Detroit. I pray that you will be touched in a special way by reading it, and that you will subscribe to this publication that is helping dozens of people in transition pay their rent and purchase food for their families.

“Ding dong, ding dong, Christmas Bells are ringing…” Do you feel what I feel? As the beautiful autumn leaves usher in the final holiday season of the year, some will celebrate, while others will hibernate. Some will be filled with anticipation and excitement, while others will be filled will gloom and loneliness. What’s cool is that no matter what Santa has delivered to your address in the past, you can navigate this holiday with purpose, making it the best ever. (Continue reading on page 5)

To learn more about my Map Your Success group coaching program, join me this Saturday at 10a for a Google Hangout where Madison Carlista of S2O Network will interview myself and one of my recent clients Theresa Jefferson, Wellness Coach. Subscribe to VTV today to receive notification before we go live.


Touch Me with Love

Take a look inside one of my couple’s workshops. I would love to do a presentation for your group or teach you to become an Art of Touch instructor. Forward your request to