Your Valentine’s Day Alternative

Who needs chocolate, dinner, and wine when you can have all the touch your body can handle with zero calories? This is an excerpt from our recent Art of Touch Intro Experience at Phoenix & Dragon Book Store. Listen to the replay from last week’s episode of Health & Healing Chronicles below. The Witch Doctor interviews Master Touch Artist Versandra Kennebrew and looks back on how he was introduced to The Art of Touch 3-years ago.

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I want to work with 10 of my 4,000 blog followers

According to my latest WordPress stats, I have 1524 Twitter followers and 1456 Facebook followers. Since you’re following my blog, I guess that means something I’m about to say will resonate with you.

Life is a big basket full of opportunities. In my careers and in my personal life, I’ve had some of the most dynamic opportunities presented to me. Many I did not accept because I was not ready for it at the time. Others I shared with someone I knew who was more passionate about the gift presented to me. The opportunities that I grabbed with both hands, I still hold on to tightly. No matter what, I won’t let go, because when it was presented to me, the gift resonated in my spirit. I knew it was for me..

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May is National Drowning Prevention Month: Swim, Swim, Swim I Say

We would love it if you would join Jamie Oliver’s campaign for Food Education in Schools by signing the petition at More than 847,000 people have already signed this petition but your signature will help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 by Friday May 15 #foodrevolutionday.

Join us for Food Revolution Day this Friday from 3 pm – 8 pm at Midtown Crafts & Produce, 1130 Brown Ave. Columbus, GA. Food Tastings, Cooking Demonstration, Seed Planting for Children, Green Gardening Tips and more…

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Vote for Health Education for Children: Food Revolution Day 2015

In this segment of Health & Healing Chronicles we discuss the importance of supporting Health Revolution Day and the petition to provide health education in schools.

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30-Days of Self-Care

Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles

I am Coach Versandra, you holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing stories that inspire you to take action on your journey to health and healing.

In the background, you are listening to I Hear Love from the Newly released CD entitled Brown Girl by YaTafari.

In our last episode, we began a month long series on Self-Care and tonight we will continue this discussion. I am pleased to have on the line a very special guest joining us from just outside Our Nations Capitol in Maryland, by way of Mobile Alabama on a week-long “Southern Kale Salad Tour.” Our special guest is the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Culinary Educator JuJu Harris. JuJu teaches healthy cooking and talks with folks in her community about food access.

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Why I love Empowering Healers

I was not the person I am today when I started my journey as a healer, in fact, I was far from it. I had to unlearn a lot of crap! I had to release a lot of baggage. I had to be healed so I could bring healing to others. I realize that the process of self healing is holding many healers back from stepping into their divine assignment with power. Personal development is a life long journey but we all need it. What’s great is that being healed and healing can be done simultaneously. It’s all about having a healthy commitment to life balance.

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