Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?

You miss him you eat. He doesn’t call you, you eat. You’re looking for a new sweetheart, you eat. It’s a vicious circle, filling a perceived void with food like substances that pack on the pounds. We can show you how to paint a different picture of your loving relations. See yourself enjoying loving nurturing touch while filling every empty space with the essence of life.  

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How Happiness Heals

In this episode of Heal & Healing Chronicles we look at happiness hampers and happiness helpers that you should be aware of. We also discuss ways to turn anger and sadness into joy and happiness for optimal health and performance.

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A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day

Forgiveness of self and others is essential to spiritual ascension just as love for self and others is divine law. Tomorrow, 7/25/15 is A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day. In honor of this new day and the beginning of a new galactic year, consider pouring a glass of water, holding it in your hands and speaking these words: I Am Love, I manifest Love, Love flows in and through me, and so it is. Drink your purified water as you visualize your entire body being purified. Forgive yourself of all actions and thoughts that have not been a representation of Love.

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Accountability A Remedy to Procrastination

In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles I want to speak a bit on the importance of accountability in personal success. Accountability is answerability. Accountability is a remedy to procrastination.

One of the most important roles I play as a holistic health coach is holding my clients accountable for what they say they will do to achieve optimal health and optimal performance.

There are 3 important things about accountability we must all keep in mind in order to achieve success.

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Self Care is Self Love!

Become a volunteer, sponsor or ambassador. The Love Tour 2015 coming to a city near you. Miami Beach, Florida . Pensacola, FL . Houston, TX . Dallas, TX . Monroe, LA . Jackson, MS . Birmingham, AL . Columbus, GA . Atlanta, GA . Myrtle Beach, SC . Durham, NC . Virginia Beach, VA . Washington, DC . Baltimore, MD . Philadelphia, PA . Harlem, New York, NY . New York, NY . Boston, MA . Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH . Montreal, QC, Canada . Ithaca, NY . Toronto, ON, Canada . Buffalo, NY . Pittsburgh, PA . Cleveland, OH . Detroit, MI . Ann Arbor, MI . Toledo, OH . Dayton, OH

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Why Massage is Essential to Well-being

… roughly 34.5 million adult Americans received at least one professional massage therapy treatment between July 2011 and July 2012. Youth are even introduced to therapeutic massage for optimal performance in sports like fencing, basketball and football to name a few. So why is it that only 16% of adult Americans received the benefits of a therapeutic massage in the past year? Since doing so could literally improve the quality of life of every living being, what would it take for more people to allow healing touch into their lives? These are the questions I pose to you today.

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