Preview and Review Thank God for The Shelter

This is your opportunity to preview Holistic Healer Versandra Kennebrew’s memoir “Thank God for The Shelter.” Homelessness is a worldwide challenge that must be addressed but is it a social, spiritual, economical or health issue? What is its cause? Is there a simple solution? Maybe homelessness is merely an illusion.     Continue reading Preview and Review Thank God for The Shelter

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Be My Guest at REBOOT! Your Life Expo

Admission to REBOOT! Your Life Expo is FREE for Breaking Through Intimacy Barriers attendees, 6/25/17 Mason Fine Art Atlanta, GA, 11 AM – 12 PM. *1st 100 guests

Pre-registration Required

Coach Versandra Kennebrew will be facilitating and streaming her relationship enhancement group session Breaking Through Intimacy Barriers at 11 AM. More details to follow. Continue reading Be My Guest at REBOOT! Your Life Expo

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5-Year Anniversary: USANA Independent Associate

  People often question the effectiveness of daily vitamin and mineral supplements, and it can get even more complex when discussing products as innovative as USANA CellSentials™. Watch as top USANA scientists reveal the powerful science—including USANA InCelligence Technology™—behind our mineral and antioxidant supplements that provide unique triple-action, cellular support. Yes, I’m celebrating 5-years as a USANA Independent Associate and I look forward to many more. I wanted to be better, feel better and live better and with USANA, I have it all. Celebrate with me by taking our online True Health Assessment and shopping my online store. There is no … Continue reading 5-Year Anniversary: USANA Independent Associate

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Kamau Abayomi Speaks Art

“All is the One Infinite Creator experiencing and knowing itself in infinite ways. My art is presented with the intent to highlight this knowing and serve as a reminder that we are all on the journey into this greater awareness of being.” Kamau Abayomi, Artist This episode of Health & Healing Chronicles on Night Watch Expressions features live poetry, and samples from the discography of author, poet, dance master Kamau Abayomi. Learn about international travel and so much more… Continue reading Kamau Abayomi Speaks Art

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Personal Development for Holistic Health Professionals

Holistic health professionals are unique when it comes to personal development and Versandra Kennebrew, president of VKI Personal Development knows first-hand how essential it is to living optimally at work and at play. She is committed to mentoring and coaching healing artists as they break through barriers to success in business and in their personal lives in order to enjoy happiness and prosperity. In this interview with Rick, host of Professionals Rountable on Empire Radio Now, Versandra answers questions about touch artistry and personal development for holistic health professionals. Listen to Professionals Rountable with guest Versandra Kennebrew Continue reading Personal Development for Holistic Health Professionals

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Modern Book Stores Foster Traditional Author Reader Connections

Medu Bookstore located at Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, GA invites you to join author Versandra Kennebrew, June 3, 2017, 2 pm for a book signing and discussion about relationships plagued by touch hunger. Be sure to check our event page for upcoming special events. We’d love to see you live and in living color. Continue reading Modern Book Stores Foster Traditional Author Reader Connections

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More Self-Care at Sevananda Natural Foods Co-op


Based on the powerful self-care book “I Love Me,” Coach Versandra
Kennebrew and Atlanta Community Wellness Collective self-care
advocates collaborate to encourage moms and daughters to hold one
another accountable for engaging in “Me Time Experiences” for optimal
Here’s a peak inside our last self-care workshop at Sevananda. Continue reading More Self-Care at Sevananda Natural Foods Co-op

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Your Message of Support is Invaluable

I believe millions of lives will be touched by this documentary which will answer important questions people have about their health and their relationships. The time is now to break through the bondage of touch hunger and take control of our lives and our families. The time is now to reconnect intimately with the people most important to us. The time is now to be the love we are seeking and to reach out and touch with love.

Where 2 or more are gathered, the mastermind is in the midst. Touch and agree with me that every friend and supporter I have will click here and make a contribution that feels good to them. Agree with me that supporters who are not prepared to give cash will give their comments of support to encourage others to take a look at this life-changing global campaign. Agree with me that intergalactic healing and restoration will occur as a result of the Touch Me With Love book and documentary. And so it is.

No donation is too small and we have phenomenal rewards for Continue reading Your Message of Support is Invaluable

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