Modern Book Stores Foster Traditional Author Reader Connections


Author Versandra Kennebrew


Touch Me With Love MockToday, when you want to read a book, you shop and with a couple of clicks, your book is synced to your mobile device, or shipped to your door. Yes, instant access to your favorite book is a reality, however shopping modern bookstores continue to foster traditional author-reader connections. The opportunity to chat with your favorite authors continues to be a favorite option your local bookstore affords.

Medu Bookstore, a community anchor located at Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, GA, invites you to join author Versandra Kennebrew,  June 3, 2017, at 2 pm for a book signing and discussion about relationships plagued by touch hunger. Be sure to check our event page for upcoming special events. We’d love to see you live and in living color.


More Self-Care at Sevananda Natural Foods Co-op

We continue our self-care series at Sevananda Natural Foods Coop with a mother-daughter self-care experience on Mother’s Day. Bring your daughter and your mother for a treat they’ll remember for days to come.


Based on the powerful self-care book “I Love Me,” Coach Versandra
Kennebrew and Atlanta Community Wellness Collective self-care
advocates collaborate to encourage moms and daughters to hold one
another accountable for engaging in “Me Time Experiences” for optimal
Here’s a peek inside our last self-care workshop at Sevananda.

*Don’t forget to mark your calendar. We’re gonna have a blast!

Your Message of Support is Invaluable

Peace and love my dear reader, listener, supporter.

We are 1-week out from the filming of our upcoming documentary about touch hunger in America. I am happy to report that 7 friends have contributed $530 and I will personally contribute $500 to our crowdfunding campaign to produce this documentary.

Now for the not so good news. Our fundraising goal is $25,000 and we have 7-days to make it happen.

Back to the good news. I believe in miracles!!!!!!!

I believe millions of lives will be touched by this documentary which will answer important questions people have about their health and their relationships. The time is now to break through the bondage of touch hunger and take control of our lives and our families. The time is now to reconnect intimately with the people most important to us. The time is now to be the love we are seeking and to reach out and touch with love.

Where 2 or more are gathered, the mastermind is in the midst. Touch and agree with me that every friend and supporter I have will click here and make a contribution that feels good to them. Agree with me that supporters who are not prepared to give cash will give their comments of support to encourage others to take a look at this life-changing global campaign. Agree with me that intergalactic healing and restoration will occur as a result of the Touch Me With Love book and documentary. And so it is.

No donation is too small and we have phenomenal rewards for silver, gold, and platinum contributors.

Let there be light!




Resurrecting Your Inner Goddess

Ressurect Your Inner Goddess 2


Glenise Wilson, Fibromyalgia Coach


Life happens and women often lose themselves while caring for children, spouses and demanding careers. Join Atlanta Community Wellness Collective beauty, wellness and spirituality experts for an interactive experience that will resurrect your inner goddess.
Sunday, April 16th, 2017 from 3pm-5pm. Sevananda Natural Foods Market Coop, 467 Moreland Ave N.E. Atlanta, GA 30307

Fibromyalgia Relationships Intimacy with Glenise Wilson

Being a Certified Touch Artist allows you to integrate an interactive, holistic relationship enhancement method into your current marriage or relationship counseling practice. Your clients will love you for bringing loving touch back into their lives.

Miami Join me for the filming of “Touch Me With Love”

Touch Artist Retreat Documentary Film Schedule

Touch Me With Love Book Introduction


Website Features Image 4It was the winter of 2001, and Thaddeus, a middle-aged divorced father and I were really enjoying our time together. When I was with him, I felt safe and secure. We were both Massage Therapy Instructor Apprentices and had a passion for the healing arts. Movie nights, Bible study and spooning in front of the fireplace at my home were our favorite dates as we quickly got to know one another.

I was pleased that Thaddeus and I did not argue about my choice to abstain from sex until the man God wanted me to marry was revealed. Thaddeus was patient and respectful of my decision. When he wasn’t working on Sunday, we attended church together and hung out at his mom’s house visiting his family. June of the following year, we were married.

Our intimate wedding with family and close friends was perfect for me because this would be my third stroll to the altar, and I didn’t need all the pomp and circumstance. All I wanted was someone to love, cherish and support me ‘til death do us part. I was committed to my “boo bear” because I believed that holy matrimony was sacred and that God would reward me for doing the “right thing.” It didn’t matter to me that he was ten years my senior; we had so much in common.

After our wedding and dinner with family, we retreated to our honeymoon suite at the Marriott Hotel. White aromatic candles were lit, sensual aphrodisiac essences filled the air and the mood was ripe for romance. Excited about how we would move to another level of intimacy, we looked into one another’s eyes, smiled and began to kiss and hold one another tightly. I could sense that my new husband was experiencing something that would not allow our marriage to be consummated, so I suggested that we retire from our long, strenuous day and pick up where we left off at sunrise.

Weeks went by as my love tried to get himself together, and I assured him that I could wait. More than anything, I wanted intimacy. I wanted to be able to talk to my husband, and for us to work through our first challenge together.

This is the catalyst that began my search for answers regarding sexual disorders. The anger, irritation, and isolation that followed led me to the discovery of what I consider to be my life’s work. Operation “fix my marriage” introduced me to the same challenges that millions of American’s face with touch deprivation. It helped me to identify my “primary love language”, and to learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in loving relationships.

Let’s take a moment here and define a few words I will use throughout this guide to becoming a Touch Artist. I want to make sure we are on the same page from the beginning.

Touch Deprivation is defined as suffering from poor, loveless or inadequate physical contact. It is often referred to as touch hunger or skin hunger.

-Healing is defined as the process of making or becoming sound, balanced or healthy again.

-Touch Artist is defined as a specialist in sharing healthy, loving, nurturing touch. Unlike a massage therapist or other bodywork professional, a Touch Artist teaches primarily couples how to tap into their creativity to create a sacred healing space for them to release the cares of the world and connect in an intimate, non-sexual way to  Love (the all encompassing everywhere evenly present force that binds everything that is).

It was twelve years ago when I had a vision of taking what I believed to be a “God idea” to churches and offer it as a tool to restore intimacy among married couples in an effort to shrink the high rate of divorce. This journey has taken me to churches and marriage retreats across the U.S., and as I write these words, I am planning my first Touch Artist Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

The results have been astounding, and some couples who were headed to divorce court chose to stay together after attending an Art of Touch class. The fire in their marriage was rekindled and they learned to communicate with one another powerfully.

After reading this book and doing the work, you too will see why learning to touch with love is the greatest gift one could ever receive. Just as we do not only see with our eyes, we also do not only touch with our hands. This revelation changed my life, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Order Touch Me With Love Today!  Enjoy more intimacy, more communication, more love.

Nutrition Myths with guest Bella Ashley Manning

As we close out National Nutrition Month and Women’s “Herstory” Month, Bella Ashley Manning, “Nutrition Myth Buster” and proprietor of Blu Synergy Wholistics joins us in the studio to uncover the truth about what we are eating and what may be eating us. Click on the player below to listen to handpicked quality music and progressive information on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. During our Spring Pledge Drive, we ask that you show your love for Night Watch Expressions which has featured Health & Healing Chronicles for nearly 3-years providing you with approximately 150 episodes of educational and informative wellness content right here on this blog.


Social Media Made Easy Coaching & Consulting

2011-09-27 13.09.30VKI Personal Development is overjoyed that our suite of coaching programs help healing artists, holistic health professionals & light workers bring their healing work to the masses, and Social Media Made Easy is one of our original programs introduced in 2009.

As we spring forward in our careers and businesses, it’s imperative that we stay abreast of the ever-changing ways social media can be used to communicate with current clients, foster relationship with new customers and ultimately increase our bottom line. At the heart of it all is connectivity, and that takes skill. Let’s continue to close the digital divide by learning the secret to using your time online wisely and with purpose.


  • SMEtiquette (social media etiquette)
  • The 30-Minutes A Day Social Media Strategy
  • Shifting from Personal to Business Pages
  • Finding Your Tribe Online
  • The Power of Groups
  • Selling Products and Services on Social Media Platforms
  • SEO & Social Media, A Heavenly Match
  • Managing Your Online Reputation & Security

You are invited to join Coach Versandra Kennebrew for a 2-hr Social Media Made Easy Lunch & Learn, March 29, 2017, 1 pm – 3 pm, at Mellow Mushroom, 1477 Virginia Ave, College Park, GA 30337. Advanced registration is required. Investment $99 (Includes Lunch, 2-hr Training, Personalized Social Media Report and 30-days Online Support) Registration Closes March 27, 2017


Versandra Kennebrew is a former award-winning Marketing & Community Relations Specialist for Whole Foods Market Detroit, She currently provides social media coaching and consulting for Night Watch Expressions 89.3 FM Atlanta, Truth & Transformation Ministries and several other local small businesses. She provides both group and one-on-one social media support at her office in College Park, GA.

What’s In Your Pantry?

Listen to Healthy Pantry Makeovers on the Wednesday 3/22/17 episode of Health & Healing Chronicles with Coach Versandra. Click the audio player below to hear the replay.

Do you have favorite healthy pantry items you would like to share with our subscribers who are ready to upgrade their pantry? Feel free to share in the comment section below.


VKI Personal Development

As we journey toward healthy weight management  one meal, one mindful movement at a time, one thing that we must always consider is our core. What is my core reason for living a healthy lifestyle? How are my movements strengthening my physical core. What food and herb staples make up the core of my meals?

When my weight management clients begin our sessions together, we begin by looking at the meals they most enjoy eating. Next we look at how they usually prepare those meals. Finally we explore ways meals can be tweaked to make them more nourishing and flavorful.

This brings me to our monthly Savory Shopping Tour. Below you will find my basic pantry makeover grocery list that you can use as a guideline to create your own. Keep in mind that our focus is to replace healthy pantry staples by “crowding out” MSG-laced sodium filled foods with no-salt…

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