Your Purpose Focused Career

If you get up each day thinking, “I hate my job,” you will not flourish in your career. You may earn money, but your body and mind will suffer because you are not moving in your divine purpose.

Our Map Your Success program will help you assess which career path aligns with your purpose and develop a success strategy that will assist you in being all you can be with the focus on your happiness.

Public Speaking| Leadership

Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Toastmasters is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. Learn how Toastmasters has changed the lives of members. See more…

Business Ownership

The dream of owning your own health and wellness business isn’t far fetched. In fact, it’s more easily attainable than you may think. While the cost and work required to start a wellness business from scratch are staggering, there’s an alternative. – See more…

Become a Health Coach

Are you passionate about holistic health and ready to reach a deeper level of personal nourishment? Do you dream of a fulfilling career helping others become healthier and happier? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program may be perfect for you!During IIN’s one year program, you will learn from inspiring leaders in the health and wellness industry as well as experts in business and marketing, connect with an amazing, supportive community, and experience a remarkable personal transformation – all through a convenient online platform that makes learning on-the-go possible for anyone.

Check out a sample class and enjoy a taste of what IIN is all about! Some of the core concepts and nutrition topics included in the curriculum are: Over 100 dietary theories, The modern health crisis, Bio-individuality, Primary Food, Crowding out, Deconstructing cravings, Energetics of food, Food/mood connection, Inflammation, Digestion, Toxins

In addition to this, IIN will also provide you with coaching, business, and marketing skills so that you can share your knowledge with others as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach if you choose to do this work professionally – part time or full time!


I can’t tell you enough about how much I love this school, and if you’re passionate about wellness like I am then I have a feeling you’ll love it too.

IIN is more than just a school…they’re a movement on a mission to improve health and happiness around the world. I’m so proud to be part of this mission and community.

I’ve covered the basics here, but there’s so much more to learn. Check out their Curriculum Guide that goes into more detail on the curriculum and opportunities you’ll have as a practicing Health Coach.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. As a graduate and IIN Ambassador, I’m here to answer any questions that you might have about the program and my experience as a Health Coach.

If this sounds good and you’re ready to start your personal journey, give the team at IIN a call at 877-733-1520 or contact me personally at

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