Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse with Dawn Gibson

Celebrating the 52nd Episode of Health & Healing Chronicles with Coach Versandra. As we close-out our series on gratitude, I’d like to introduce my very special guest Dawn Gibson, Visionary, Facilitator & Psalmist at New Dawn Ministries. Continue reading Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse with Dawn Gibson

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Healing From Racial Tension

Local and National news highlighting the abuse of police officers is enough to cause sleepless nights, anxiety and outright madness. But connecting to our higher selves in the midst of these type of illusions allow us to let our lights shine, illuminating in darkness. In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles, I offer a healing treatment via poetic prose and music my Ya Tafari, The Music Practitioner to heal the hearts and minds of our listeners, from the illusions of darkness and death. We also open the phone lines to allow our listeners to share how they are being affected by the news and to give voice to their own personal experiences.

We send light and love to our sisters and brothers who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Rest In Peace; Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Charles Smith, David Hooks and the countless others killed by the hand of police offers or other authority figures. Continue reading Healing From Racial Tension

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

You see, as a holistic health coach, I don’t claim to have a perfect life, but I do claim to have a special set of tools in my “Health & Healing Tool-box” that allow me to support myself and my clients through challenges in their career, relationships and physical well-being. One of the greatest gifts that I have is my “magic mirror,” which assists me in showing people who they really are – introducing them to their Higher Self. Self-Discovery really is the 1st step toward Health & Healing. The process of healing can manifest immediately or in several months. It all depends on one’s ability to release the beliefs, behaviors and practices that reflect the illusion of separation from “The Source” of all things. Continue reading Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

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The Words We Speak Have Power

In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles, I’d like to share a story about how our world can change in an instant when we change the words we speak to others and to ourselves. Listen to an excerpt from my memoir “Thank God for the Shelter” available in the VKI Empowerment Bookstore and be inspired and encouraged on your journey to optimal healing. Continue reading The Words We Speak Have Power

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