Free Art of Touch Class Thursday at Phoenix and Dragon Sandy Springs

See you Thursday evening at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Sandy Springs, GA. Couples and singles are invited to our Pre-Valentine’s Day art of touch experience with Master Touch Artist Versandra Kennebrew.

Can’t make it out Thursday night? A private couple’s class at your home or special getaway is the perfect gift for any occasion. Continue reading Free Art of Touch Class Thursday at Phoenix and Dragon Sandy Springs

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Commanding Flow: A Master Class for Healing Artists

Here is the replay from our 1st master class of 2017 “Commanding Flow.” By subscribing to our event page, you get updates to keep you abreast of opportunities that will empower and uplift you to higher heights. Continue reading Commanding Flow: A Master Class for Healing Artists

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Introducing Atlanta Community Wellness Collective

Atlanta GA is a mecca for creatives & healing artists and Atlanta Community Wellness Collective (ACWC) is a great resource for connecting with a variety of qualified, love-filled and compassionate professionals. Meet members of the collective 1/14/17 at Sweet Spot Atlanta during their upcoming event Kwanzaa 365: A Lifestyle, Not A Holiday. This community event is free to the public, however RSVP is required.

Find a new holistic health practitioner or join the collective. Listen to the replay from this morning’s chat with Kania Kennedy, one of the ACWC founding members on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. Continue reading Introducing Atlanta Community Wellness Collective

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How to Regain Control Over Your Life & Affairs

Being in command implies that one possess the ability to control. And in the world we live in today, it appears that many of us have little control over our own lives and affairs.

The truth is, the ability to control our world and our affairs is wrapped up and tucked away inside many of us, but we are unaware that we possess it. If we want to manifest different results, we must BE different.

As a new Gregorian year begins and we close out the sixth moon in natural time, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Spectral Storm Year of Liberation. Learn more about what this could mean for YOU and the manifestations of your dreams and desires. Learn how to unwrap your ability to command flow of universal waters in your home, your career and your world.
Continue reading How to Regain Control Over Your Life & Affairs

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3 Easy Ways to Add Touch for Well-being

Author and Certified Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew teaches The Art of Touch, an eclectic range of human activities in which the artist creates from his or her imagination and four simple movements, sensory masterpieces intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty.

She is the resident holistic health and life coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta where she brings a weekly Health & Healing Chronicles moment that empowers listeners on their journey to optimal health and healing. To learn more, or to register for upcoming classes or workshops visit Continue reading 3 Easy Ways to Add Touch for Well-being

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Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series

Coach Versandra invites you to join her for the next 6-weeks in discussions about the state of touch hunger in America. Tune in TWednesday’s from Midnight – 3 AM on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. Listen local at 89.3FM. Listen on your phone on Tunein. Listen from your computer at

Touch hunger/deprivation is suffering from poor loveless or inadequate physical contact and it out-pictures in adults as depressions, anger, isolation, low self-esteem & violent behavior. Infants can literally die from a lack of loving nurturing touch in its first few months of development. Continue reading Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series

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Fall In Love With You, Again

Take a mental vacation which will allow you to clear your mind of baggage that no longer serves you. While you are there, enjoy the liberation you feel as your inner most desires are manifested. This healing experience will free you from low vibrational thoughts that do not honor the divine essence within you Peace, tranquility and well-being will crowd out the non-supportive thoughts that sometimes roll around in your head. Continue reading Fall In Love With You, Again

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Touch Artist Certification Open Enrollment

Master Touch Artist Versandra Kennebrew has introduced the concept of touch as an art form for more than 10-years. Couples Ministries, Marriage Retreats and private classes across the country have been her platform for exposing the malady “touch deprivation,” aka “touch hunger” and how it is affecting our society. Her virtual online class and soon to debut television program, “Touch Me” (coming to People TV) will expand the conversation and offer solutions for the prevention of touch deprivation among couples and families.

Our goal is to add 50 Certified Touch Artists to our team as we prepare to bring this program to homes, spas and churches across the country. Certified Touch Artists will receive expert training, Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece Instructor Manual, Video Training Resources, Marketing Support and an opportunity to star in our upcoming television show, “Touch Me.”
Continue reading Touch Artist Certification Open Enrollment

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Conscious Zone LIVE!:Debut

The program is based on the acclaimed radio show The Conscious Zone which aired from 2000-2005, explores the heart, mind, soul, and science of life with industry leaders in alternative medicine, nutrition, food safety, environmental safety, spiritual awakening, noetic science, metaphysics ,natural time and more. Episode 1 premieres Spring 2017. Guests and participants are invited to be a part of the studio audience and we begin filming this amazing show and another fresh media project from Conscious Living OmniMedia Group. Visit Consciouszone.Net for details on guests, topics and more. Sponsorship, Advertising, and information on being a guest inside the conscious zone, to volunteer or intern with us! at conscious zone.US Continue reading Conscious Zone LIVE!:Debut

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