Versandra Kennebrew Integrative Nutrition Coach, Speaker





“Healing Artists are essential to the advancement of humanity.” Versandra Kennebrew

As a 20-year veteran Holistic Health Professional, I am committed to supporting healing artists as they live more healthy happy lives. When they are well, they can better serve our sisters and brothers who are seeking wellbeing and wholeness.

My Atlanta based company, VKI Personal Development provides a sanctuary for healing artists to be restored, mind, body, and soul.

Besides facilitating dynamic workshops, and online classes created with you in mind, we host retreats and transformational lifestyle experiences like The Love Tour. Self-love and self-realization are at the core of my programs and services and you are invited to host a Me Time Experience at your home or workplace so you and 3 or more guests can benefit from learning and engaging in easy self-care practices that will make you more healthy, more happy, and more full of life. Schedule Register 

The Me Time Experience



8 thoughts on “Versandra Kennebrew Integrative Nutrition Coach, Speaker

  1. Versandra’s Social media advice and updates to my website has truly helped me. Since the changes that Versandra has made to my website, I have been able to increase my following, attract new customers, and provide clarity with my offered services. Versandra’s Services were quick, and she over-delivered on what was promised. I would highly recommend Versandra’s services to anyone who needs help with their website and social media. Thank you Versandra!

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