Free True Health Assessment

The USANA True Health Assessment is an excellent tool for those who like the “do it yourself” approach to wellness. This powerful healthy lifestyle app takes the information you share to our nutrition and wellness experts who review your personal and family history, and in minutes send you 3 reports that will provide you with not only great tips for lifestyle adjustments for optimal health, but you will also get recommendations to assist you with customizing your nutritional supplementation. Since it’s nearly impossible to get the nutrition you need from the foods you eat each day, it’s good to know that USANA is here to fill the gap with the highest quality nutritionals available. Your Health Your Life Your Way!

True Health Assessment

Your Certified Holistic Health Coach is a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has studied more than 100 dietary theories. She knows there is no such thing as one diet fits all. Bio-individuality simply means that humans have different biological makeups and depending on our lifestyle, blood type and cultural behaviors, our bodies require different things to perform optimally.

After you complete your True Health Assessment, your health coach will contact you in a few days to answer any questions about your reports and assist you with creating your very own wellness plan.

If you are already familiar with USANA’s top rated nutritional supplements, consider becoming a referral partner or associate and earn a commission for sharing what you already love.

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