Map Your Success


 6-Month Success Coaching Program for Healing Artists

Learn how to make your big dream a reality. From business startup to business growth strategies, Coach Versandra can lead you in the right direction. She brings connections, experience, and creativity to each session, giving you an edge over your competition. She specializes in supporting you in developing a marketing and community engagement strategy that works.

  • Create an easy to follow Success Map
  • Identify your Target Market
  • Teach your way to More Clients
  • Identify Low Hanging Fruit
  • Write Books
  • Create Your Own Promotional Videos
  • Build a Referral Team
  • Create a Social Media Strategy that Works
  • Access the Media 
  • Monthly Teleconferences
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Holistic Lifestyle Support


Additional Benefits!

  • Watch Your Business Soar!
  • Get the accountability partner you’ve been looking for
  • Develop an effective success system
  • 6 Small Monthly Payments

About Your Coach

Coach Versandra Kennebrew is a veteran massage therapist, yoga instructor, and certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She brings to the wellness industry more than twenty years of personal and professional development. She has trained hundreds of massage therapists and other healing artists how to be the best at their craft and today she travels across the U.S. and Canada teaching her success strategies with a focus on bettering humanity through self-care & self-love.


Map Your Success with Versandra Kennebrew

When you sign-up for my Map Your Success, 6-month coaching program, you can expect support from an accountability partner who knows what you are experiencing as a practitioner and is willing to help you shave years off your learning curve.  Finally, you will be introduced to a global peer community of healing artists who are creating a ripple effect of love and peace.

I look forward to success mapping with you!

Coach Versandra

4 thoughts on “Map Your Success

  1. Coach Versandra Kennebrew so eloquently spoke my language, while I was so desperately struggling to pronounce the ABC’s of my business. She identified with my vision, needs and what I was trying to articulate and encouraged me to dig deeper (by leading by example, being knowledgeable, and skilled & trained) in order for me to be able to verbalize, speak life and give wings to my vision.
    Coach Versandra has created opportunities for me and has shared the spotlight when she didn’t know me and before I became “Official.” That empowered me to believe, on a greater level, in myself.
    Versandra has shown me, that she is authentic in all that she does for people out of her LOVE for what she is called to do. Note: (I didn’t say for the LOVE of Money). Seeing others fulfill their purpose fulfills hers.
    If you’ve never experienced the VERSANDRA TOUCH……There is no time like now! Treat yourself to the Gift that keeps on Giving. I am totally elated that I did!

    Seriously Blessed, Dawn Gibson

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