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For nearly 10-years Versandra Kennebrew has wowed audiences with her interactive style of teaching and story-telling. Highlights from her speaking career include presentations at Black Women’s Expo, Le Rendez-Vous Montreal, ImaginAide Benefit for Coalition on Temporary Shelter, Real Women Like Us: Redefining Our Beauty, Institute for Children & Poverty Conference and Wild Goose Festival. Versandra Kennebrew shares spiritual messages at Truth & Transformation Ministries Spiritual Center and is President of Ardyss Toastmasters Club-Atlanta, D44 A16 Area Director.

Speaking Topics Include:

Competent Communicators Make Effective Leaders

The age of technology ushered in information at the speed of light, visible in the palm of our hands and transferable with the touch of our fingertips. But have we lost our ability to communicate as we use emoticons to describe our feelings and text slang which can easily be lost in translation? Learn 5 Communication Power Plays that will give you the edge as you develop in your career.

The Art of Reinventing You

Learn 3 easy steps to ignite your imagination and reinvent yourself. Transitioning from college or retiring from your first career is the perfect opportunity to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur or rise a prong on the ladder to success.  Discover how we each invent who we are through our thoughts, life experiences, and dreams. Breakthrough limitations and become your best self.

The Soul of a Winner

What does it take to win in life, business, and relationships? Who do we have to become in order to live the life we dream of? We each have the soul of a winner and as we discarding baggage from our past, let go of limiting beliefs, and allow our divine navigation systems to guide us we are able to soar to new heights.

Sharing Your Message with the World

In the age of technology, communication has taken on different forms and is shared using a variety of new platforms. Our messages, however, have not changed. Let’s explore how global reach is now accessible to everyone and how to move past fear and focus on our ministry and message objectives.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

How much does it cost to manage a chronic disease for twenty years? How much does it cost to prevent this same disease? The difference could buy you a lifetime of joy and peace. Learn how to add years to your life and life to your years by designing a healthy lifestyle you can live with forever.

Self-Care Essentials for Optimal Health

Optimal health is mind, body, and spirit working in symphony and Primary Foods® feed and nourish us in ways food we eat with a fork could never do. The 3 B’s of Balance are the cornerstone of self-care. Let’s explore several popular self-care options and identify how they incorporate the 3B’s of Balance and Primary Foods® to bring you optimal health and well-being every day.

Workshops Include:

Map Your Success Group Coaching: Strategic planning and project support for entrepreneurs on the road to business success.

The Art of Reinventing You Workshops/Retreats: Women entrepreneurs gather for a day of inspiration, pampering, journaling and creating the life of their dreams.

The Art of Touch Workshops/Retreats: Couples and singles learn to create touch masterpieces to promote enhanced communication and intimacy in their loving relationships

Transcending the Matrix: Take a journey to a place within where you are perfect, whole and complete, and you have everything you need. Learn how to return to this special place daily for optimal living and peak performance.

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