New Optimal Plan Member Testimonial

The first day of my holistic health journey with Versandra Kennebrew, CHHC was everything I thought it would be and more. Versandra overflows with warmth and positive energy. Instantly, I felt supported in my quest for balance. The Optimal Plan provides step-by-step instructions on how to Detox Your Life beginning with identifying the areas that require urgent attention. Continue reading New Optimal Plan Member Testimonial

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

You see, as a holistic health coach, I don’t claim to have a perfect life, but I do claim to have a special set of tools in my “Health & Healing Tool-box” that allow me to support myself and my clients through challenges in their career, relationships and physical well-being. One of the greatest gifts that I have is my “magic mirror,” which assists me in showing people who they really are – introducing them to their Higher Self. Self-Discovery really is the 1st step toward Health & Healing. The process of healing can manifest immediately or in several months. It all depends on one’s ability to release the beliefs, behaviors and practices that reflect the illusion of separation from “The Source” of all things. Continue reading Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

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Gratitude for Lessons on Primary and Secondary Foods

In my 50-years on this earth, I have seen so many miracles and random acts of kindness from strangers that it is impossible for me to believe the hype. I believe Love reigns, beyond a shadow of a doubt! I believe a shift in consciousness has occurred on this earth and that those of us who are enlightened must demonstrate love in the open for all to see, experience and model. I believe that primary food® feeds the soul and renews the minds of those who are living in darkness. I believe self love is self care and when we love our brothers and sisters, we are loving our selves because we are one. Continue reading Gratitude for Lessons on Primary and Secondary Foods

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