Featured in Voyage ATL – Versandra Kennebrew

Versandra, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. As a young overworked African American woman raising two children working 50-60 hours a week, climbing the corporate ladder, my health became compromised. While recovering from what doctors considered minor surgery I beganContinue reading “Featured in Voyage ATL – Versandra Kennebrew”

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The Road To Success Requires A Map

Don’t believe the hype about becoming an overnight success. It only looks like that on TV. If you truly want to become successful in your wellness business you’re gonna need a road map. Let’s create it together.

Whether you want a one-time success mapping session or 6-months of support, I can provide you with expert insight and a step-by-step strategy and support for reaching your professional and personal goals.

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I want to work with 10 of my 4,000 blog followers

According to my latest WordPress stats, I have 1524 Twitter followers and 1456 Facebook followers. Since you’re following my blog, I guess that means something I’m about to say will resonate with you.

Life is a big basket full of opportunities. In my careers and in my personal life, I’ve had some of the most dynamic opportunities presented to me. Many I did not accept because I was not ready for it at the time. Others I shared with someone I knew who was more passionate about the gift presented to me. The opportunities that I grabbed with both hands, I still hold on to tightly. No matter what, I won’t let go, because when it was presented to me, the gift resonated in my spirit. I knew it was for me..

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The Fundamentals of Success Mapping

Map Your Success is our signature personal development program. Through this 6-month coaching experience, we have helped several of our clients create maps that have assisted them in writing and publishing the books that had only existed in their heads for years. Other clients have launched the business or product idea they had only dreamed of in the past. In this episode of Health and Healing Chronicles, we share the fundamentals of success mapping to give you a guide for achieving your Big goal for this year.

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Upgrade! Business Boot Camp: Be Holiday Success Ready

Upgrade! Business Boot Camp is a Workshop designed to empower small business owners to use technology, stay relevant in the modern marketplace, and maximize earning potential for the 2015 Holiday Season, 2016 New Year Resolution season and beyond. We have collaborated with Club e Atlanta, an incubator for new and expanded businesses because it is conveniently located just minutes from the Hartsfield International Airport and because of their commitment to providing the absolute best in business building education, resources and services.

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Kimbro and Kennebrew Speak at Wisdom Wednesdays

Back in the early 90’s when I was working in retail management, I wanted to learn from stories about successful people who looked like me. How did they overcome the obstacles of blatant racism? How did they come out of the projects and climb to the top of the success latter? How did they learn to be happy in the midst of systematic actions against them?

I heard about the book Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice, written by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. This success guide got my attention, and the author’s last name resonated with my spirit. I thought to myself, here is a man who has interviewed thousands of successful, powerful men and women of color, and his last name sound like mine. I read Think & Grow Rich a few times so that it’s principals would really sink in. To support and encourage my management team, I gave “Think & Grow Rich” as an incentive. Once I discovered my true purpose in life, I continued to share this powerful tool with my massage therapy clients who were ready to make a shift in their lives.

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Accountability A Remedy to Procrastination

In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles I want to speak a bit on the importance of accountability in personal success. Accountability is answerability. Accountability is a remedy to procrastination.

One of the most important roles I play as a holistic health coach is holding my clients accountable for what they say they will do to achieve optimal health and optimal performance.

There are 3 important things about accountability we must all keep in mind in order to achieve success.

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The Love Tour Has Partnered with UBER

If you haven’t heard the news already, The Love Tour has partnered with UBER. Now when you request your own personal driver in Atlanta or Detroit, you may be riding with a Love Ambassador. It would be cool to see Love Ambassadors driving in each of the 30-cities we are traveling to.

One of the challenges that healing artists are concerned with is cash flow as they grow their practices, and through our partnership with UBER, healing artists can turn their car into a cash machine. If you don’t have a vehicle, this partnership could very well turn that around in about 7-days. In addition, UBER will pay you a signing bonus after your first 20 rides.

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Women: Empower Yourself, Ignite Your Imagination

From the archives of Opening The Doors of Change with host Chris Lee N.D., this empowering interview with Versandra Kennebrew shares how overcoming major life challenges can catapult you into your life’s purpose. Listen to this inspirational message recorded in 2012. Today, it is still relevant, and we hope it will challenge you to open the doors of change. Ignite your imagination and discover the art of reinventing you.

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Top 7 Reasons to Join a Group Coaching Program

Choosing the right coach and personal development or weight management program can be challenging. However today, I’d like to offer some insight that may assist you in making the choice that will help you soar in your life and business. Below you will find 7 top reasons to join a group coaching program with like-minded individuals. You will also find a video filmed in Montreal, QC at a massage therapy conference I spoke at a couple years ago on the subject ” Choosing The Right Coach for You.” Finally you will find a few testimonials from some of my clients. More are available on my Thumbtack professional profile. No matter which coach you choose to work with, expect to find supportive resources and testimonials that will give you a snapshot of your coach’s professional experience and program outcomes.

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