The Fundamentals of Success Mapping

Map Your Success is our signature personal development program. Through this 6-month coaching experience, we have helped several of our clients create maps that have assisted them in writing and publishing the books that had only existed in their heads for years. Other clients have launched the business or product idea they had only dreamed of in the past. In this episode of Health and Healing Chronicles, we share the fundamentals of success mapping to give you a guide for achieving your Big goal for this year.

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Accountability A Remedy to Procrastination

In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles I want to speak a bit on the importance of accountability in personal success. Accountability is answerability. Accountability is a remedy to procrastination.

One of the most important roles I play as a holistic health coach is holding my clients accountable for what they say they will do to achieve optimal health and optimal performance.

There are 3 important things about accountability we must all keep in mind in order to achieve success.

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The Love Tour Has Partnered with UBER

If you haven’t heard the news already, The Love Tour has partnered with UBER. Now when you request your own personal driver in Atlanta or Detroit, you may be riding with a Love Ambassador. It would be cool to see Love Ambassadors driving in each of the 30-cities we are traveling to.

One of the challenges that healing artists are concerned with is cash flow as they grow their practices, and through our partnership with UBER, healing artists can turn their car into a cash machine. If you don’t have a vehicle, this partnership could very well turn that around in about 7-days. In addition, UBER will pay you a signing bonus after your first 20 rides.

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Top 7 Reasons to Join a Group Coaching Program

Choosing the right coach and personal development or weight management program can be challenging. However today, I’d like to offer some insight that may assist you in making the choice that will help you soar in your life and business. Below you will find 7 top reasons to join a group coaching program with like-minded individuals. You will also find a video filmed in Montreal, QC at a massage therapy conference I spoke at a couple years ago on the subject ” Choosing The Right Coach for You.” Finally you will find a few testimonials from some of my clients. More are available on my Thumbtack professional profile. No matter which coach you choose to work with, expect to find supportive resources and testimonials that will give you a snapshot of your coach’s professional experience and program outcomes.

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Honoring Cynthia Williams National Women’s History Month

Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles I am Coach Versandra, your holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing stories that inspire you to take action on your journey to health and healing. In our last episode, we kicked-off our National Women’s History Month celebration and I was pleased to honor my grandmother Nina BellContinue reading “Honoring Cynthia Williams National Women’s History Month”

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A gateway to change your entire life!

A gateway to change your entire life!

I’m sure you know by now that I’ve been an enthusiastic brand ambassador for USANA Health Sciences for the past 3-years. I highly recommend USANA to my clients, friends and family. I invite you to become a preferred customer and save on the highest rated nutrition supplements and personal care products. My USANA family is growing to 30-cities across the U.S. and Canada in 2015! Join me. Visit and contact me with any questions. This video featuring Andre Gordon, is very informative.

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Conversations That Inspire Change: Talk About Tuesdays with Coach Kimle Nailer

What conversations are you having around success and personal growth? Who do you share your dreams and goals with? Have you created a success map to assist you with holding yourself accountable on your journey? In my final interview of the year, I had a conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Kimle Nailer in Detroit, MI. She has produced a series of conversations with successful coaches who can support you on your road to success. So grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and relax. Listen to our “Talk About It Tuesday” conversation. We hope you will be inspired to take action in 2015.

A few spaces remain for the very popular “New Year New You” coaching program that will support you for 6-months as you set obtainable goals that will allow you to live a happy, healthy life that you love. I look forward to our time together.

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2014 in Review: I love my coach

I love my coach! So before I give you a glimpse into my year in review, I want to share a recommendation I shared on LinkedIn about my personal coach Jeffrey I Moore. Hi Jeffrey, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Versandra “I’m a national speaker,Continue reading “2014 in Review: I love my coach”

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Live & Thrive Health & Wellness Expo Press Release

Live & Thrive Expo will feature more than 40 vendors and wellness professionals who will share insight about preventive and integrative medical treatments and alternative medicine including Dr. Russell Friedman of Alternative Health Solutions; Dr. Allen Carter, a clinical psychologist who has helped to transform lives with his award-winning television show, “Who Am I?”; Dr. Donovan Christie of the ANWAN (All Natural Weight and Nutrition) Regenerative Center; Gloria Parker of NuSkin Products, which offers anti-aging skin solutions; Eric Hampton, a motivational speaker and meditation instructor who founded “Collective Awareness Group,” an organization that promotes self-improvement and social consciousness; and holistic health coach, Versandra Kennebrew, whose “10 Essential Holistic Weight Management Tips” earned her a fan favorite recognition in “Best Self Magazine’s Best of 2014” contest.

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Money Management Monday Tips

Thursday I will be visiting Montreal, QC as a guest of my friend Julie, proprietor of Mon École de Massage by Julie Eyelom, a massage therapy school. In my “How to Make Your Big Dream a Reality” presentation, I teach the basic strategies behind my Map Your Success coaching program. One of those strategies is “Show Me MyContinue reading “Money Management Monday Tips”

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