Wanique Shabazz Galactic WorldBridger Speaks with the authors of “I Love Me”

WRFG Atlanta 89.3FM is known worldwide for it’s commitment to bring Atlanta and the world progressive information and hand picked music for an audience with an appetite for empowertainment that feeds your soul, heart and mind. In this episode of Mapptime Jazz, host and producer Wanique Shabazz welcomes Honorable Akhenaten S’L’M-Bey and Versandra Kennebrew, authors of “I Love Me” as his special guests. Continue reading Wanique Shabazz Galactic WorldBridger Speaks with the authors of “I Love Me”

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Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Health

“There is a wave on Conscious Awakening sweeping our planet, as people of all walks of life, tune-in to this higher vibration of thought, experience & beingness.” Katina Shaw, Intuitive Life & Health Coach

Last week, I had the pleasure of being the special guest on Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Health, a blogtalk series with Katina Shaw, host of “Awakening to Natural Wellness.”

Enjoy the replay below and be sure to follow her as she interviews healers and holistic health experts who drop nuggets that will expand your consciousness and lead you toward optimal health. Continue reading Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Health

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Where Can I Find a 24-hr Wellness Center?

Unlike CVS or other 24-hr drug stores, this wellness center features food based nutritional supplements, snacks and state of the art tools that support your increased energy, improved digestion, enhanced circulation and improved mobility, which naturally relieves your body of pain, fatigue and lack of sleep. Everything in this wellness center is made from the highest quality ingredients. Our Holistic Health Coaches are trained to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Continue reading Where Can I Find a 24-hr Wellness Center?

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Health and Healing Chronicles: Where Are The Toxins Coming From?

Since detoxification is so important; where are all the toxins coming from?

Whether the Gregorian calendar or the Lunar calendar is your primary guide to time and space, a major shift in energy has occurred and it only seems natural to cleanse and Detox. Let go of the old and embrace the New and Improved.

Some refer to getting rid of things around your home that no longer serve you as a Detox, while others focus on fasting from eating certain foods as their Detox. There is no wrong answer here, however since toxins are foreign invaders that may cause dis-ease when absorbed into our body tissues, consciousness or homes, ongoing detoxification should become apart of our wellness routine. Continue reading Health and Healing Chronicles: Where Are The Toxins Coming From?

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Conversations That Inspire Change: Talk About Tuesdays with Coach Kimle Nailer

What conversations are you having around success and personal growth? Who do you share your dreams and goals with? Have you created a success map to assist you with holding yourself accountable on your journey? In my final interview of the year, I had a conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Kimle Nailer in Detroit, MI. She has produced a series of conversations with successful coaches who can support you on your road to success. So grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and relax. Listen to our “Talk About It Tuesday” conversation. We hope you will be inspired to take action in 2015.

A few spaces remain for the very popular “New Year New You” coaching program that will support you for 6-months as you set obtainable goals that will allow you to live a happy, healthy life that you love. I look forward to our time together. Continue reading Conversations That Inspire Change: Talk About Tuesdays with Coach Kimle Nailer

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Healing From Racial Tension

Local and National news highlighting the abuse of police officers is enough to cause sleepless nights, anxiety and outright madness. But connecting to our higher selves in the midst of these type of illusions allow us to let our lights shine, illuminating in darkness. In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles, I offer a healing treatment via poetic prose and music my Ya Tafari, The Music Practitioner to heal the hearts and minds of our listeners, from the illusions of darkness and death. We also open the phone lines to allow our listeners to share how they are being affected by the news and to give voice to their own personal experiences.

We send light and love to our sisters and brothers who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Rest In Peace; Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Charles Smith, David Hooks and the countless others killed by the hand of police offers or other authority figures. Continue reading Healing From Racial Tension

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2014 in Review: I love my coach

I love my coach! So before I give you a glimpse into my year in review, I want to share a recommendation I shared on LinkedIn about my personal coach Jeffrey I Moore. Hi Jeffrey, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Versandra “I’m a national speaker, author and coach, so I know the importance of having a great coach to support you with your BIG goals. After doing some research, I found Jeffery and signed up for a session with him to see if there was a good match. Needless to … Continue reading 2014 in Review: I love my coach

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

You see, as a holistic health coach, I don’t claim to have a perfect life, but I do claim to have a special set of tools in my “Health & Healing Tool-box” that allow me to support myself and my clients through challenges in their career, relationships and physical well-being. One of the greatest gifts that I have is my “magic mirror,” which assists me in showing people who they really are – introducing them to their Higher Self. Self-Discovery really is the 1st step toward Health & Healing. The process of healing can manifest immediately or in several months. It all depends on one’s ability to release the beliefs, behaviors and practices that reflect the illusion of separation from “The Source” of all things. Continue reading Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 9

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 7

In last week’s episode, I shared an excerpt from “Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a homeless healer,” and as we acknowledge National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week a period of time set aside to acknowledge and ponder the state of homeless and despair in our world, I would like to bring your attention to what is being called an “Arctic Blast,” bringing with it temperatures well below freezing.

I ask that you send healing energy to our little ones who represent more than a million of those living without a home. Send love and light to the women and men who work hard every day, only to bring home paychecks that simply do not add up to the expenses necessary to feed their family.

In this episode of Healthy and Healing Chronicles, I want to share some of my favorite healing quotes for you to feast on and enjoy! Continue reading Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 7

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