September Is National Self-Improvement Month: What You Should Consider

As a health coach, National Self Improvement Month means a lot to me. During this special time, I encourage my clients all over the world to assess, address and celebrate their commitment to themselves. This month is all about YOU.

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Top 7 Reasons to Join a Group Coaching Program

Choosing the right coach and personal development or weight management program can be challenging. However today, I’d like to offer some insight that may assist you in making the choice that will help you soar in your life and business. Below you will find 7 top reasons to join a group coaching program with like-minded individuals. You will also find a video filmed in Montreal, QC at a massage therapy conference I spoke at a couple years ago on the subject ” Choosing The Right Coach for You.” Finally you will find a few testimonials from some of my clients. More are available on my Thumbtack professional profile. No matter which coach you choose to work with, expect to find supportive resources and testimonials that will give you a snapshot of your coach’s professional experience and program outcomes.

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Health and Healing Chronicles: Self-Care Tips

During February, “The Month of Love” we are sharing with you “30-Days of Self Care.” Self-Care is Self-Love and as we consider sharing love with our lovers, our families, our communities, we simply must place our attention first on our selves. Not with selfish motives, but with the understanding that we can’t give from an empty cup. We learn to fill ourselves up with love so that the overflow effortlessly moves, radiates, illuminates to everyone around us and all fear and pain disappears.

So my challenge to you the entire month of February is to wrap your arms around yourself with love every single day. Get use to this feeling of self nurturing because as you continue these sacred treatments, something amazing will occur. Feel free to stop back and share your experiences below in the comment section.

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Want a Better World? The Love Tour is Seeking Healing Artists Who Want to Be The Change

Love Tour Ambassadors are essential to the success of this life changing experience where health enthusiasts and healing artists will come together in the spirit of unity to learn how to change our world from the inside out. It may appear that chaos is all around us, but the miracle we are seeking is already here. Light workers are among us, legions of them!

If you or someone you know is ready to step into your divine greatness and be the change you want to see in the world, join us on The Love Tour and represent your city. Healing is on the way.

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 7

In last week’s episode, I shared an excerpt from “Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a homeless healer,” and as we acknowledge National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week a period of time set aside to acknowledge and ponder the state of homeless and despair in our world, I would like to bring your attention to what is being called an “Arctic Blast,” bringing with it temperatures well below freezing.

I ask that you send healing energy to our little ones who represent more than a million of those living without a home. Send love and light to the women and men who work hard every day, only to bring home paychecks that simply do not add up to the expenses necessary to feed their family.

In this episode of Healthy and Healing Chronicles, I want to share some of my favorite healing quotes for you to feast on and enjoy!

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Brand New Mommy Monday Motivation with Coach Versandra

What do you need to stay and keep that motivation going? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Karen Taylor Bass, PR Pro speaks with guest Versandra Kennebrew, Holistic Health Coach and certified baaadaaasss W-O-M-A-N! Lets talk about pressing #RESET for mind, body and soul. Also, tapping into your inner strength while getting the juices flowing, create a winning plan and chatting “Top 10 Keeping Your Sexy Weight Loss Tips.”

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Announcing the 60-Day Slim Down Group Program

Invite a friend and join me for the 60-day Slim Down. This weight management program is perfect for those who are not ready to commit to a 6-month lifestyle transformation program but want to get moving toward a more healthy life. End the year feeling energized and looking younger. Register today and save $30.

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5 Tips for Managing Health Information Overload

Turn on your TV, read a magazine, ride the bus, listen to the radio; everywhere you turn there is health information staring you in the face, but what are you supposed to do with it all?
Why is there is so much information about health everywhere?

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Atlanta Mission Race to End Homelessness: Why I’m Running

For the next several months, I will be building my personal development business in Atlanta, GA, but just 10-years-ago, I too was homeless and needed shelter. As I celebrate my year of Jubilee and the evolution of my business VKI, I thought doing something I’ve never done before would help me conquer the “fear of change” and remind me of how far I have come. You see, homelessness is not only physical but a state of mind. This mindset is filled with fear, uncertainty, low self-worth, loneliness and dis-ease. To relinquish a poverty mindset and embrace a new one filled with self-love and love for all humanity can be challenging, because it requires having faith in something you can not see. I got a new mind after starting over 10-years-ago and on this Saturday, I will prove to myself that I am strong, I am healthy, I am focused, I am committed and I can endure the training necessary to take me through the next 50 years of my life. I have the soul of a winner.

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Self Care is Self Love!

Become a volunteer, sponsor or ambassador. The Love Tour 2015 coming to a city near you. Miami Beach, Florida . Pensacola, FL . Houston, TX . Dallas, TX . Monroe, LA . Jackson, MS . Birmingham, AL . Columbus, GA . Atlanta, GA . Myrtle Beach, SC . Durham, NC . Virginia Beach, VA . Washington, DC . Baltimore, MD . Philadelphia, PA . Harlem, New York, NY . New York, NY . Boston, MA . Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH . Montreal, QC, Canada . Ithaca, NY . Toronto, ON, Canada . Buffalo, NY . Pittsburgh, PA . Cleveland, OH . Detroit, MI . Ann Arbor, MI . Toledo, OH . Dayton, OH

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