Health and Healing Chronicles: Where Are The Toxins Coming From?

Since detoxification is so important; where are all the toxins coming from?

Whether the Gregorian calendar or the Lunar calendar is your primary guide to time and space, a major shift in energy has occurred and it only seems natural to cleanse and Detox. Let go of the old and embrace the New and Improved.

Some refer to getting rid of things around your home that no longer serve you as a Detox, while others focus on fasting from eating certain foods as their Detox. There is no wrong answer here, however since toxins are foreign invaders that may cause dis-ease when absorbed into our body tissues, consciousness or homes, ongoing detoxification should become apart of our wellness routine.

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2014 in Review: I love my coach

I love my coach! So before I give you a glimpse into my year in review, I want to share a recommendation I shared on LinkedIn about my personal coach Jeffrey I Moore. Hi Jeffrey, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Versandra “I’m a national speaker,Continue reading “2014 in Review: I love my coach”

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 5

I am Coach Versandra, you holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing weekly stories that inspiring our listeners to take action on their journey to health and healing.

In the last episode, we shared a “Happy” Facebook story contributed by Coach Shannon from Ashville North Carolina. If you missed her very touching and inspirational story about how her decision to “just be happy” helped her move past depression and suicidal thoughts to health and healing, be sure to visit and check out the replay and while you’re there, signup for our Health and Healing Chronicles blog.

Our guest tonight is another dynamic sister coach and healing artist. Listen to Transformational Coach Tessa Brown, as she shares her story of health and healing from “alien fibroid cysts” and depression.

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Live & Thrive Health & Wellness Expo Press Release

Live & Thrive Expo will feature more than 40 vendors and wellness professionals who will share insight about preventive and integrative medical treatments and alternative medicine including Dr. Russell Friedman of Alternative Health Solutions; Dr. Allen Carter, a clinical psychologist who has helped to transform lives with his award-winning television show, “Who Am I?”; Dr. Donovan Christie of the ANWAN (All Natural Weight and Nutrition) Regenerative Center; Gloria Parker of NuSkin Products, which offers anti-aging skin solutions; Eric Hampton, a motivational speaker and meditation instructor who founded “Collective Awareness Group,” an organization that promotes self-improvement and social consciousness; and holistic health coach, Versandra Kennebrew, whose “10 Essential Holistic Weight Management Tips” earned her a fan favorite recognition in “Best Self Magazine’s Best of 2014” contest.

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 3

Today, I’d like to share a weight loss story that is so very common among my clients. Ann wants to lose weight, however she specifically wants to lose belly-fat. She tells me that she can’t exercise because of health restrictions. She wants a quick fix that’s focused on making her appear healthy on the outside.

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A Few Tips – How to Massage Your Honey

I know you already know how. You got this. But your lover may think differently. Does he or she say “you’re doing it too hard?” Maybe your honey says she doesn’t want to give you a massage because you always want sex afterward and she’s not in the mood. That’s exactly why learning the following simpleContinue reading “A Few Tips – How to Massage Your Honey”

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