Ignite Your Imagination Retreat for Women 6-27-20: You’re Invited

Author and holistic health educator Versandra Kennebrew invites you to join her for a day of exploration, education, and creation at the Ignite Your Imagination Retreat. “Imagination is everything, it is the key to life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein When life appears to be confusing and chaotic it is good to retreat to a safeContinue reading “Ignite Your Imagination Retreat for Women 6-27-20: You’re Invited”

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Modern Book Stores Foster Traditional Author Reader Connections

Medu Bookstore located at Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, GA invites you to join author Versandra Kennebrew, June 3, 2017, 2 pm for a book signing and discussion about relationships plagued by touch hunger. Be sure to check our event page for upcoming special events. We’d love to see you live and in living color.

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Let Us Teach Your Team Social Media For Business

VKI Personal Development is overjoyed that our suite of coaching programs help healing artists, holistic health professionals & light workers bring their healing work to the masses, and Social Media Made Easy is one of our original programs introduced in 2009.

As we spring forward in our careers and businesses, it’s imperative that we stay abreast of the ever-changing ways social media can be used to communicate with current clients, foster relationship with new customers and ultimately increase our bottom line. At the heart of it all is connectivity, and that takes skill. Let’s continue to close the digital divide by learning the secret to using your time online wisely and with purpose.

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3 Easy Ways to Add Touch for Well-being

Author and Certified Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew teaches The Art of Touch, an eclectic range of human activities in which the artist creates from his or her imagination and four simple movements, sensory masterpieces intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty.

She is the resident holistic health and life coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta where she brings a weekly Health & Healing Chronicles moment that empowers listeners on their journey to optimal health and healing. To learn more, or to register for upcoming classes or workshops visit http://www.vki.eventbrite.com.

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30-Days of Self-Care

Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles

I am Coach Versandra, you holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing stories that inspire you to take action on your journey to health and healing.

In the background, you are listening to I Hear Love from the Newly released CD entitled Brown Girl by YaTafari.

In our last episode, we began a month long series on Self-Care and tonight we will continue this discussion. I am pleased to have on the line a very special guest joining us from just outside Our Nations Capitol in Maryland, by way of Mobile Alabama on a week-long “Southern Kale Salad Tour.” Our special guest is the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Culinary Educator JuJu Harris. JuJu teaches healthy cooking and talks with folks in her community about food access.

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