Why I love Empowering Healers

I was not the person I am today when I started my journey as a healer, in fact, I was far from it. I had to unlearn a lot of crap! I had to release a lot of baggage. I had to be healed so I could bring healing to others. I realize that the process of self healing is holding many healers back from stepping into their divine assignment with power. Personal development is a life long journey but we all need it. What’s great is that being healed and healing can be done simultaneously. It’s all about having a healthy commitment to life balance. Continue reading Why I love Empowering Healers

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Self Care is Self Love!

Become a volunteer, sponsor or ambassador. The Love Tour 2015 coming to a city near you. Miami Beach, Florida . Pensacola, FL . Houston, TX . Dallas, TX . Monroe, LA . Jackson, MS . Birmingham, AL . Columbus, GA . Atlanta, GA . Myrtle Beach, SC . Durham, NC . Virginia Beach, VA . Washington, DC . Baltimore, MD . Philadelphia, PA . Harlem, New York, NY . New York, NY . Boston, MA . Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH . Montreal, QC, Canada . Ithaca, NY . Toronto, ON, Canada . Buffalo, NY . Pittsburgh, PA . Cleveland, OH . Detroit, MI . Ann Arbor, MI . Toledo, OH . Dayton, OH Continue reading Self Care is Self Love!

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