What’s In Your Pantry?

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As we journey toward healthy weight management  one meal, one mindful movement at a time, one thing that we must always consider is our core. What is my core reason for living a healthy lifestyle? How are my movements strengthening my physical core. What food and herb staples make up the core of my meals? When my weight management clients begin our sessions together, we begin by looking at the meals they most enjoy eating. Next we look at how they usually prepare those meals. Finally we explore ways meals can be tweaked… Continue reading What’s In Your Pantry?

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The Road To Success Requires A Map

Don’t believe the hype about becoming an overnight success. It only looks like that on TV. If you truly want to become successful in your wellness business you’re gonna need a road map. Let’s create it together.

Whether you want a one-time success mapping session or 6-months of support, I can provide you with expert insight and a step-by-step strategy and support for reaching your professional and personal goals. Continue reading The Road To Success Requires A Map

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Fall In Love With You, Again

Take a mental vacation which will allow you to clear your mind of baggage that no longer serves you. While you are there, enjoy the liberation you feel as your inner most desires are manifested. This healing experience will free you from low vibrational thoughts that do not honor the divine essence within you Peace, tranquility and well-being will crowd out the non-supportive thoughts that sometimes roll around in your head. Continue reading Fall In Love With You, Again

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I want to work with 10 of my 4,000 blog followers

According to my latest WordPress stats, I have 1524 Twitter followers and 1456 Facebook followers. Since you’re following my blog, I guess that means something I’m about to say will resonate with you.

Life is a big basket full of opportunities. In my careers and in my personal life, I’ve had some of the most dynamic opportunities presented to me. Many I did not accept because I was not ready for it at the time. Others I shared with someone I knew who was more passionate about the gift presented to me. The opportunities that I grabbed with both hands, I still hold on to tightly. No matter what, I won’t let go, because when it was presented to me, the gift resonated in my spirit. I knew it was for me.. Continue reading I want to work with 10 of my 4,000 blog followers

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Conscious Affirmative Living

Speaker and author of eight books, Claude’s aim is to help people discover the concept of Conscious Affirmative Living® and to utilize and strengthen their own inherent gift of clairvoyance. Claude La Vertu joins Health & Healing Chronicles on Night … Continue reading Conscious Affirmative Living

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International Womens Day Tribute on Night Watch Expressions

In this episode of Health and Healing Chronicles we share a message from International Women’s Day regarding what you can do to support #pledgeforparity. We also speak with Sheriese Nicole and Honeysuckle Moon about the upcoming Spirit Dance 20 and the opening of Liberated Honey Natural Body Shop in the Historic West End.

You are invited to join VKI Personal Development and the Night Watch Expressions team at Truth & Transformation Ministries for Women Uniting Through Spiritual Insights Live hosted by Kania Kennedy featuring Open Mic for women who have something to say. Continue reading International Womens Day Tribute on Night Watch Expressions

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How Happiness Heals

In this episode of Heal & Healing Chronicles we look at happiness hampers and happiness helpers that you should be aware of. We also discuss ways to turn anger and sadness into joy and happiness for optimal health and performance. Continue reading How Happiness Heals

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Personal Success Events for You

Personal Success does not have to be rigid or boring. In fact, VKI Personal Development makes success fun. Check out our events happening locally this weekend and treat yourself to a change of pace that will empower and uplift you to higher heights. Continue reading Personal Success Events for You

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