Fibromyalgia Relationships Intimacy with Glenise Wilson

Being a Certified Touch Artist allows you to integrate an interactive, holistic relationship enhancement method into your current marriage or relationship counseling practice. Your clients will love you for bringing loving touch back into their lives.

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Touch Me With Love Book Introduction

After our wedding and dinner with family, we retreated to our honeymoon suite at the Marriott Hotel. White aromatic candles were lit, sensual aphrodisiac essences filled the air and the mood was ripe for romance. Excited about how we would move to another level of intimacy, we looked into one another’s eyes, smiled and began to kiss and hold one another tightly. I could sense that my new husband was experiencing something that would not allow our marriage to be consummated, so I suggested that we retire from our long, strenuous day and pick up where we left off at sunrise.

Weeks went by as my love tried to get himself together, and I assured him that I could wait. More than anything, I wanted intimacy. I wanted to be able to talk to my husband, and for us to work through our first challenge together.

This is the catalyst that began my search for answers regarding sexual disorders. The anger, irritation, and isolation that followed led me to the discovery of what I consider to be my life’s work. Operation “fix my marriage” introduced me to the same challenges that millions of American’s face with touch deprivation. It helped me to identify my “primary love language”, and to learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in loving relationships.

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Begin Your Virtual Art of Touch Class Now

“Loving touch speaks volumes of unspoken words.” Versandra Kennebrew Today, I want to share with you how loving touch can enhance your relationships, communication, intimacy and overall health. Since 1999 I have studied, practiced and taught the art of touch; enhancing the quality of life of thousands of massage therapy students and health seekers. TodayContinue reading “Begin Your Virtual Art of Touch Class Now”

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The Art of Touch/featuring the music of LuT (the Ghetto Profit), Nina Simone and a conversation with touch artist, Versandra Kennebrew

The Art of Touch/featuring the music of LuT (the Ghetto Profit), Nina Simone and a conversation with touch artist, Versandra Kennebrew. It’s time to groove…

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Overnight Couple’s Retreat this Saturday

I hope you will join me . I will be teaching the Art of Touch For Couples. Choose from a large selection of workshops. Advance registration $35 or $45 day of event. Check out the attached brochure to see all the great workshops that will be offered in this wonderful and enlightening event. eyeswideopenbrochure

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