May is National Drowning Prevention Month: Swim, Swim, Swim I Say

We would love it if you would join Jamie Oliver’s campaign for Food Education in Schools by signing the petition at More than 847,000 people have already signed this petition but your signature will help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 by Friday May 15 #foodrevolutionday.

Join us for Food Revolution Day this Friday from 3 pm – 8 pm at Midtown Crafts & Produce, 1130 Brown Ave. Columbus, GA. Food Tastings, Cooking Demonstration, Seed Planting for Children, Green Gardening Tips and more…

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Madame Noire Speaks with Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew about her Reset

This week, in the column, Reset, Written by Karen Taylor Bass, Madame Noire delves into how Versandra Kennebrew’s business collapse led to what we now know as (VKI), a personal development company that provides holistic health coaching and on-line training and resources, primarily for health enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the healing arts industry.

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Sexless Marriage? Replay from Brand New Mommy Radio

We live in an anti-touch culture. There is an issue called Touch Deprivation in America – which is based on fear.

Versandra says, “I want people to understand that without touch you can die. Babies without touch won’t grow. Children without touch won’t develop. Adults without touch can become isolated, depressed and violent. Lets start touching again.”

“DYI (do it yourself) projects are no longer done in a garage with hammers and power tools, ladies and men alike are creating touch masterpieces with their hands; on the beach. Learn the art of touch and enhance communication and intimacy in your loving relationships.”

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Foods that Keep Mommy’s Boardroom and Bedroom Hot!

In a perfect world, busy moms get up before dawn; prepare the family a healthy meal, then run off to work 8-10 hrs pushing paper and projects. At the end o the day, she goes into her secret space, changes in a nano-second into her Super Mommy disguise, flies through the clouds and before her husband arrives home, she has the house cleaned, dinner on the table and the kids picked up from school. But life is not a super hero action movie. Working moms need tools and resources to help them get it all done and there are great tasting foods that can enhance both their performance at work and at play.

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Motivational Monday: Bye Bye Limiting Behavior, Hello Infinite Possibilities 05/19 by The Brand New Mommy | Women Podcasts

In this episode of The Brand New Mommy: Motivational Monday, I share 3 Tips for releasing limiting behavior and embracing infinite possibilities! Get unstuck! Move forward! Live life to the fullest! Listen to this week’s podcast and get your homework assignments. I’m waiting to support you on your journey! Motivational Monday: Bye Bye Limiting Behavior,Continue reading “Motivational Monday: Bye Bye Limiting Behavior, Hello Infinite Possibilities 05/19 by The Brand New Mommy | Women Podcasts”

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Manifesting the Desires of Your Heart Through Journaling

Similar to self-fulfilling prophecy, what we write, speak and visualize comes to be and with this said, today I invite you to listen to an interview on The Brand New Mommy Blog Talk Radio Show where I share great tips for journaling to manifest the desire of our hearts.

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Join me for a Chat with PR Expert Karen Taylor Bass

At noon today, I will be a guest on the “Brand New Mommy” Blog Talk Radio Show with PR Expert Karen Taylor Bass. We will discuss getting your mind, body and spirit right! We will also discuss some amazing upcoming events where you can join me and others on the mission to enhance lives. Living optimally is a journey and I have been given a map for your success. I would love to travel along the journey with you as your coach.

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