Touch Me With Love Book Introduction

After our wedding and dinner with family, we retreated to our honeymoon suite at the Marriott Hotel. White aromatic candles were lit, sensual aphrodisiac essences filled the air and the mood was ripe for romance. Excited about how we would move to another level of intimacy, we looked into one another’s eyes, smiled and began to kiss and hold one another tightly. I could sense that my new husband was experiencing something that would not allow our marriage to be consummated, so I suggested that we retire from our long, strenuous day and pick up where we left off at sunrise.

Weeks went by as my love tried to get himself together, and I assured him that I could wait. More than anything, I wanted intimacy. I wanted to be able to talk to my husband, and for us to work through our first challenge together.

This is the catalyst that began my search for answers regarding sexual disorders. The anger, irritation, and isolation that followed led me to the discovery of what I consider to be my life’s work. Operation “fix my marriage” introduced me to the same challenges that millions of American’s face with touch deprivation. It helped me to identify my “primary love language”, and to learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in loving relationships.

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A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day

Forgiveness of self and others is essential to spiritual ascension just as love for self and others is divine law. Tomorrow, 7/25/15 is A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day. In honor of this new day and the beginning of a new galactic year, consider pouring a glass of water, holding it in your hands and speaking these words: I Am Love, I manifest Love, Love flows in and through me, and so it is. Drink your purified water as you visualize your entire body being purified. Forgive yourself of all actions and thoughts that have not been a representation of Love.

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The Truth about my Health Coaching Practice

I have attempted to keep it a secret, but the time has come for the truth about my health coaching practice to be revealed. You may know that I’ve been a certified massage therapist for 15 years and that in that capacity, I have touched more that 2000 people. What you may not know isContinue reading “The Truth about my Health Coaching Practice”

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Did you miss the Love Tour Ambassador Call to Action?

Learn how you can get involved in a 30-city tour that will raise the vibration of healing artists and health enthusiasts around the world. Self-care is self love!

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Madame Noire Speaks with Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew about her Reset

This week, in the column, Reset, Written by Karen Taylor Bass, Madame Noire delves into how Versandra Kennebrew’s business collapse led to what we now know as (VKI), a personal development company that provides holistic health coaching and on-line training and resources, primarily for health enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the healing arts industry.

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Gratitude for Lessons on Primary and Secondary Foods

In my 50-years on this earth, I have seen so many miracles and random acts of kindness from strangers that it is impossible for me to believe the hype. I believe Love reigns, beyond a shadow of a doubt! I believe a shift in consciousness has occurred on this earth and that those of us who are enlightened must demonstrate love in the open for all to see, experience and model. I believe that primary food® feeds the soul and renews the minds of those who are living in darkness. I believe self love is self care and when we love our brothers and sisters, we are loving our selves because we are one.

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Sexless Marriage? Replay from Brand New Mommy Radio

We live in an anti-touch culture. There is an issue called Touch Deprivation in America – which is based on fear.

Versandra says, “I want people to understand that without touch you can die. Babies without touch won’t grow. Children without touch won’t develop. Adults without touch can become isolated, depressed and violent. Lets start touching again.”

“DYI (do it yourself) projects are no longer done in a garage with hammers and power tools, ladies and men alike are creating touch masterpieces with their hands; on the beach. Learn the art of touch and enhance communication and intimacy in your loving relationships.”

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The Anatomy of Touch

Question: How does one know what they are touching with their eyes closed?

Answer: As their finger tips scan the object, messages are sent to the brain and the memory of millions of touches are searched for the best possible image to project in their mind.

When we practice touching our lover in beautiful surroundings with loving intention, aromatic fragrances and sensual sounds we call forth divine images of love and create new memories for tomorrow’s touch.

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We’re talking Sacred Sex on WFRG 89.3 FM Atlanta Tonight – Tune-in

It’s going to be sizzling hot tonight on WRFG 89.3FM Atlanta, as “The Witch Doctor & Black Magic Woman,” add a little love to the musical mix on Night Watch from midnight – 3 am. Our special guests are relationship coaches and presenters at the upcoming Soulmate Series Fall Retreat in Atlanta taking place Saturday 9/13/14.

Our special studio guests are Virtuous Vixen and Rachael Alexander. We’re talking Sacred Sex yall. Join the conversation #soulmateseries 404-523-8989

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Laying on of Hands, The Original Healing Method

Although “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” is not a class that teaches therapeutic massage, it is an introduction to the benefits of loving, nurturing touch for physical and emotional healing. The primary focus of what is now The Art of Touch Virtual Class, available 24/7 using any computer or mobile device, is to educate people about the affect touch deprivation is having on our society and offer an easy remedy that could be used to enhance bonding and intimacy among parents and children, couples and adults with elderly parents.

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