The Road To Success Requires A Map

Don’t believe the hype about becoming an overnight success. It only looks like that on TV. If you truly want to become successful in your wellness business you’re gonna need a road map. Let’s create it together.

Whether you want a one-time success mapping session or 6-months of support, I can provide you with expert insight and a step-by-step strategy and support for reaching your professional and personal goals. Continue reading The Road To Success Requires A Map

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Commanding Flow: A Master Class for Healing Artists

Here is the replay from our 1st master class of 2017 “Commanding Flow.” By subscribing to our event page, you get updates to keep you abreast of opportunities that will empower and uplift you to higher heights. Continue reading Commanding Flow: A Master Class for Healing Artists

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Money Management Monday Tips

Thursday I will be visiting Montreal, QC as a guest of my friend Julie, proprietor of Mon École de Massage by Julie Eyelom, a massage therapy school. In my “How to Make Your Big Dream a Reality” presentation, I teach the basic strategies behind my Map Your Success coaching program. One of those strategies is “Show Me My Money.” While creating your success map, inevitably your plan for financing your dream comes into play. Today, I’d like to leave you with a few tips that have benefited my clients on their road to success. Designate a day of the week to take care … Continue reading Money Management Monday Tips

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Florida Massage Therapists: This Is For You

This Love Touch 2015 pre-event will allow massage therapists and other healing artists to learn more about how they can become ambassadors for this 30-city tour coming to Miami Beach, FL, April 2015. This is a small business wealth building conference designed to enhance professional development and business growth. Continue reading Florida Massage Therapists: This Is For You

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Why I love Empowering Healers

I was not the person I am today when I started my journey as a healer, in fact, I was far from it. I had to unlearn a lot of crap! I had to release a lot of baggage. I had to be healed so I could bring healing to others. I realize that the process of self healing is holding many healers back from stepping into their divine assignment with power. Personal development is a life long journey but we all need it. What’s great is that being healed and healing can be done simultaneously. It’s all about having a healthy commitment to life balance. Continue reading Why I love Empowering Healers

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Healers Uniting for the Betterment of Humanity in Atlanta and Detroit

Breaking News: Legions of healers clothed as massage therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, intuitive coaches and even direct sales professionals are coming together to save humanity from the illusions of coming disaster. They have been honing their unique gifts under the radar for decades. Many of them had not answered the call before now but they have felt something tugging and pulling them to break free from the matrix of limitation and separation from the Source of all things. Continue reading Healers Uniting for the Betterment of Humanity in Atlanta and Detroit

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