Versandra Kennebrew Speaks at Wild Goose Festival June 11, 2020

Wild Goose Festival is a transformational annual event grounded in faith-inspired social justice. Over the course of four days, there are hundreds of sessions focused on social justice, spirituality, the arts, and more. Learn more… During a global pandemic when social distancing is becoming a new norm, it’s the perfect time to learn about touchContinue reading “Versandra Kennebrew Speaks at Wild Goose Festival June 11, 2020”

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48 Hrs Behind Bars: Another Life Story

I met the fiery ego persecutions behind bars in a cold, isolated cell for 48-hrs with meekness, love, and understanding. I created a sacred healing space inside the fiery furnace. I came out with a high powered female attorney who represented me pro bono. More than $900 in fees and expenses were cleared and the inconvenience of 12 probation visits and 8 defensive driving classes, all disappeared. I was exonerated.

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Touch Me With Love Book Introduction

After our wedding and dinner with family, we retreated to our honeymoon suite at the Marriott Hotel. White aromatic candles were lit, sensual aphrodisiac essences filled the air and the mood was ripe for romance. Excited about how we would move to another level of intimacy, we looked into one another’s eyes, smiled and began to kiss and hold one another tightly. I could sense that my new husband was experiencing something that would not allow our marriage to be consummated, so I suggested that we retire from our long, strenuous day and pick up where we left off at sunrise.

Weeks went by as my love tried to get himself together, and I assured him that I could wait. More than anything, I wanted intimacy. I wanted to be able to talk to my husband, and for us to work through our first challenge together.

This is the catalyst that began my search for answers regarding sexual disorders. The anger, irritation, and isolation that followed led me to the discovery of what I consider to be my life’s work. Operation “fix my marriage” introduced me to the same challenges that millions of American’s face with touch deprivation. It helped me to identify my “primary love language”, and to learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in loving relationships.

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Check out my new single Be Renewed by Love distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be renewed by love 24/7. Why? Because you deserve it. Musicians: Sell your own music on iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Amazon Music, Google Play and many more! Keep all your rights and get 100% of the royalties. Source: Check out my new single BeContinue reading “Check out my new single Be Renewed by Love distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!”

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This Month’s Theme on Health & Healing Chronicles is Collaboration

Throughout the month of October, we share stories of collaboration for the health and well-being of our community. Whether you are focused on mind, body or spiritual well-being, you will love our special guests and how they are collaborating to not only receive a benefit but to give benefits to all who are open to receiving them. These reciprocal gifts nourish and grow families and communities while transforming our world.

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Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Health

“There is a wave on Conscious Awakening sweeping our planet, as people of all walks of life, tune-in to this higher vibration of thought, experience & beingness.” Katina Shaw, Intuitive Life & Health Coach

Last week, I had the pleasure of being the special guest on Spirit, Consciousness & Wholistic Health, a blogtalk series with Katina Shaw, host of “Awakening to Natural Wellness.”

Enjoy the replay below and be sure to follow her as she interviews healers and holistic health experts who drop nuggets that will expand your consciousness and lead you toward optimal health.

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Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles , Enjoy your Free Ebook

How are you nurturing and feeding your body? Did you know that your career, movement, relationships and spirituality were equally essential food as the food you put in your mouth? Learn more by subscribing to Health and Healing Chronicles with Coach Versandra.

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