The Wellness Universe Lounge Hosts Breaking Through Intimacy Barriers

The Wellness Universe Lounge is the best webinar spot for wellness related topics on the internet! VKI Personal Development is overjoyed that our upcoming personal development class Breaking Through Intimacy Barriers facilitated by our very own President and CEO Versandra Kennebrew will take place live on The Wellness Universe Learn It Live platform. Although this isContinue reading “The Wellness Universe Lounge Hosts Breaking Through Intimacy Barriers”

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3 Easy Ways to Add Touch for Well-being

Author and Certified Holistic Health Coach Versandra Kennebrew teaches The Art of Touch, an eclectic range of human activities in which the artist creates from his or her imagination and four simple movements, sensory masterpieces intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty.

She is the resident holistic health and life coach on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta where she brings a weekly Health & Healing Chronicles moment that empowers listeners on their journey to optimal health and healing. To learn more, or to register for upcoming classes or workshops visit

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Touch Hunger In America: 6Pt Series

Coach Versandra invites you to join her for the next 6-weeks in discussions about the state of touch hunger in America. Tune in TWednesday’s from Midnight – 3 AM on Night Watch Expressions WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta. Listen local at 89.3FM. Listen on your phone on Tunein. Listen from your computer at

Touch hunger/deprivation is suffering from poor loveless or inadequate physical contact and it out-pictures in adults as depressions, anger, isolation, low self-esteem & violent behavior. Infants can literally die from a lack of loving nurturing touch in its first few months of development.

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A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day

Forgiveness of self and others is essential to spiritual ascension just as love for self and others is divine law. Tomorrow, 7/25/15 is A Day Out of Time: Water Purification Day. In honor of this new day and the beginning of a new galactic year, consider pouring a glass of water, holding it in your hands and speaking these words: I Am Love, I manifest Love, Love flows in and through me, and so it is. Drink your purified water as you visualize your entire body being purified. Forgive yourself of all actions and thoughts that have not been a representation of Love.

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Host an Art of Touch Class at Home

So you know all about my Art of Touch Virtual Classes, but did you also know that metro Atlanta touch lovers can host Art of Touch classes in their homes? You heard me right. I would love to bring my mobile Art of Touch Studio to your home and teach you and your friends howContinue reading “Host an Art of Touch Class at Home”

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Appropriate Touch Should be Taught to Our Children: Here are a Few Tips

Thanks to Brian McKissick, illustrator and Julie Eyelom M.T., translator, our Healthy Touch Guides for students are available in English and French. Please download, copy and distribute to schools, churches and community centers in your area. There is no need to ban touch in schools, only a need to teach healthy appropriate touch to students and adults.Continue reading “Appropriate Touch Should be Taught to Our Children: Here are a Few Tips”

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Sexless Marriage? Replay from Brand New Mommy Radio

We live in an anti-touch culture. There is an issue called Touch Deprivation in America – which is based on fear.

Versandra says, “I want people to understand that without touch you can die. Babies without touch won’t grow. Children without touch won’t develop. Adults without touch can become isolated, depressed and violent. Lets start touching again.”

“DYI (do it yourself) projects are no longer done in a garage with hammers and power tools, ladies and men alike are creating touch masterpieces with their hands; on the beach. Learn the art of touch and enhance communication and intimacy in your loving relationships.”

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Laying on of Hands, The Original Healing Method

Although “Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece” is not a class that teaches therapeutic massage, it is an introduction to the benefits of loving, nurturing touch for physical and emotional healing. The primary focus of what is now The Art of Touch Virtual Class, available 24/7 using any computer or mobile device, is to educate people about the affect touch deprivation is having on our society and offer an easy remedy that could be used to enhance bonding and intimacy among parents and children, couples and adults with elderly parents.

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Articles and Research

We have searched the internet looking for articles that can make the need for this national campaign more clear to you. Below you will find excerpts from articles and reports about touch deprivation. Click the link to read the article in its entirety.  Quick Links About infants and touch deprivation About children and touch deprivationContinue reading “Articles and Research”

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