Kimbro and Kennebrew Speak at Wisdom Wednesdays

Back in the early 90’s when I was working in retail management, I wanted to learn from stories about successful people who looked like me. How did they overcome the obstacles of blatant racism? How did they come out of the projects and climb to the top of the success latter? How did they learn to be happy in the midst of systematic actions against them?

I heard about the book Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice, written by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. This success guide got my attention, and the author’s last name resonated with my spirit. I thought to myself, here is a man who has interviewed thousands of successful, powerful men and women of color, and his last name sound like mine. I read Think & Grow Rich a few times so that it’s principals would really sink in. To support and encourage my management team, I gave “Think & Grow Rich” as an incentive. Once I discovered my true purpose in life, I continued to share this powerful tool with my massage therapy clients who were ready to make a shift in their lives.

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Florida Massage Therapists: This Is For You

This Love Touch 2015 pre-event will allow massage therapists and other healing artists to learn more about how they can become ambassadors for this 30-city tour coming to Miami Beach, FL, April 2015. This is a small business wealth building conference designed to enhance professional development and business growth.

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