Detox, Cleansing, Weight Loss with Rachel Chanyah Aka Wholistic 1st Lady

Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles I am Coach Versandra, you holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing weekly stories that inspire you to take action on your journey to health and healing. In this episode of Health & Healing Chronicles we discuss detoxification and its importance in weight loss and overall health. OurContinue reading “Detox, Cleansing, Weight Loss with Rachel Chanyah Aka Wholistic 1st Lady”

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Are You as Healthy and You Want to Be?

You can take control of your life with customized health coaching and nutritional support. Take the True Health Assessment 24/7 and you will receive three reports with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

Versandra Kennebrew, Your Holistic Health Coach will contact you to discuss and support your desired next steps.

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Give the Gift of Health: Black Friday Feature

Lose up to 5 lbs in 5 Day with the USANA Reset Kit! This 5 day plan includes all of your favorite USANA foods combined with expert nutrition support. What a great way to get rid of the extra pounds that generally hang around after your wonderful Thanksgiving Day meal with friends and family. Take the USANA True Health Assessment to receive your FREE comprehensive wellness reports, tasty recipes and order your Reset Kit.

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What’s In Your Pantry?

As we journey toward healthy weight management, one meal, one mindful movement at a time, one thing that we must always consider is our core. What is my core reason for living a healthy lifestyle? How are my movements strengthening my physical core? What food and herb staples make up the core of my meals?

When my weight management clients begin our sessions together, we begin by looking at the meals they most enjoy eating. Next, we look at how they usually prepare those meals. Finally, we explore ways meals can be tweaked to make them more nourishing and flavorful.

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Announcing the 60-Day Slim Down Group Program

Invite a friend and join me for the 60-day Slim Down. This weight management program is perfect for those who are not ready to commit to a 6-month lifestyle transformation program but want to get moving toward a more healthy life. End the year feeling energized and looking younger. Register today and save $30.

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 3

Today, I’d like to share a weight loss story that is so very common among my clients. Ann wants to lose weight, however she specifically wants to lose belly-fat. She tells me that she can’t exercise because of health restrictions. She wants a quick fix that’s focused on making her appear healthy on the outside.

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Your “New You 2015” Weight Management Program

Are you ready to drop a few inches or pounds on your journey to optimal health? Watch this video and see how the Reset Weight Management Program combined with my 6-month bi-weekly health coaching support can help you become as healthy and happy as you want to be, with more energy and vitality to do the things you enjoy most.

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Vote for Health Coach Versandra “Best” of Atlanta 2014

Thank you to my clients who nominated me “Best” Health Coach in Atlanta. It is such an honor to be in the running with big weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Curves but I believe in the power of Integrative Nutrition (c) for weight management and our hundreds of thousands of healthy happy life ambassadors to help me WIN!

Please vote for me everyday through 10/15/14 using this link.

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Is Inflammation the Cause of Obesity?

Dr. Barry Sears speaks about the beneficial effects of an anti-inflammatory diet. Research suggests that adapting an anti-inflammatory diet could help heal many health concerns including joint pain, chronic aches and pains, and minor symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Read his book “A Week In the Zone “and discover food as medicine.

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