How to Massage Kale For Tenderness

Primary foods like career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality are equally as important as the foods we eat with a fork. Learn more about healthy eating, food preparation, pantry makeovers and so much more with Coach Versandra, your holistic health expert.

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Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 14

This week our topic of discussion is “Approaching Dance from a Holistic Point of View.”

Thank you Sara Ziglar, Dancer/Teaching Artist, Red Clay Dance Company in the Chicago area for reaching out to me on Linked In. Sara writes: “Thank you so much for connecting with me. I am excited to learn that you are a health and wellness coach and would like to learn more. I work with a lot of teens and young adults teaching dance and encouraging them to approach their art from a holistic point of view. I would like to know your thoughts about how to integrate nutrition and wellness.“

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Stir-Fry or Steam-Fry? Which Is More Tasty?

This week’s healthy cooking tip is for those who enjoy preparing quick, simple yet healthy dishes. I personally can’t get enough of my vegetables. I often recommend my clients “crowd out” not so healthy food options, with nutrient-rich, colorful, delicious veggies. This Whole Foods Market Cooking Technique video demonstrates an excellent alternative to your typical stir-fry which is generally prepared with several tablespoons of oil. Now we could really get into all of the different oil options, their calories and oxidation, but not in this blog.

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What’s In Your Pantry?

As we journey toward healthy weight management, one meal, one mindful movement at a time, one thing that we must always consider is our core. What is my core reason for living a healthy lifestyle? How are my movements strengthening my physical core? What food and herb staples make up the core of my meals?

When my weight management clients begin our sessions together, we begin by looking at the meals they most enjoy eating. Next, we look at how they usually prepare those meals. Finally, we explore ways meals can be tweaked to make them more nourishing and flavorful.

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How Working for Whole Foods Market inspired me to become an IIN Health Coach

Working at Whole Foods Market® was a catalyst to my continued growth and development as a holistic health professional. “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” is so much more than a place to buy nutritious food for your family. Whole Foods Market® is a playground for health seekers and professionals to connect with one another in order to shift the epidemic of death by poor nutrition into an epidemic of health and happiness, for all who seek it.

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Free Art of Touch Class Midtown Detroit

Join me tomorrow at Whole Foods Market Detroit, 6p – 8p and experience the Art of Touch. If you have already downloaded my free e-book ‘Create Your Own Touch Masterpiece,’ this is your opportunity to attend a live session. There are only a few tickets left for this FREE class featuring: Aromatherapy Massage Oil MakingContinue reading “Free Art of Touch Class Midtown Detroit”

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