Healing Racial Tension with Love: Health and Healing Chronicles Episode 17

Our guest tonight was born & raised in “The D” and is on a mission to change lives, one poem at a time. I’d like to introduce to you Visual Artist & Inspirational Poet, Alicea Davis. http://www.aliceadavis.com

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30-Days of Self-Care

Welcome to Health and Healing Chronicles

I am Coach Versandra, you holistic health expert and I’m excited about sharing stories that inspire you to take action on your journey to health and healing.

In the background, you are listening to I Hear Love from the Newly released CD entitled Brown Girl by YaTafari.

In our last episode, we began a month long series on Self-Care and tonight we will continue this discussion. I am pleased to have on the line a very special guest joining us from just outside Our Nations Capitol in Maryland, by way of Mobile Alabama on a week-long “Southern Kale Salad Tour.” Our special guest is the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Culinary Educator JuJu Harris. JuJu teaches healthy cooking and talks with folks in her community about food access.

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